Far more than a means of transportation, a yacht is a place of entertainment, discovery and relaxation. Perhaps it has something to do with being on the water, away from the usual elements that surround our daily lives, or maybe it is because on board the usual rules don’t apply. There are no neighbours, no set timings to follow…and no shoes!

    Many of the best vessels have Spa facilities to help you unwind from day one, allowing you to make the most of your holidays. A fully qualified crew is on hand to take care of you as well, so all you need to think about is what you feel like doing next.

  • EAT

    The skill and creativity of chefs on board superyachts is often phenomenal. Many have trained in award-winning restaurants, opting for a life at sea to stretch their skills past all the limits. On a charter yacht there are no set menus or cuisine styles to follow - just changing ports, ingredients and guests from week to week. These chefs must have a vast knowledge of produce, different diets, allergies and the ability to provision in obscure parts of the world. This stimulating environment attracts some of the most inventive talents from all over the world.

    However simple or complex you like your meals to be, whether you are very specific or prefer to be surprised, our yacht chefs are ready to distinguish themselves.

  • PLAY

    Aptly named ‘toys’, the water sports equipment available on board today’s yachts wouldn’t be out of place in a James Bond film: flyboards, jetsurf boards, SeaBobs, waverunners, wake and knee boards, paddle boards, trampolines, slides - entire water parks! The selection is impressive whether you prefer adrenaline pumping, motorised sports or a more tranquil kind of exercise.

    The deck crew will be on hand to show you how everything is used and, in many cases, will actually be qualified instructors, allowing you to take home an extra skill as well as a suntan.

    No matter your age, strength or experience, everyone gets to play.


    It’s lovely to take a break, but being disconnected can feel uncomfortable. With today’s state-of-the-art technology, you needn’t worry about having access to high speed Wi-Fi internet or satellite television on board a yacht. Bring your favourite music on your iPod, access Airplay or browse through the centralised servers for extensive selections of movies and music ‘on demand’. If you are a fan of the silver screen, we can present you with yachts that have on board cinemas or projection systems out on deck so that you can enjoy cinema nights under the stars. It’s magical!


    Many of our charters are designed for families, with three and sometimes even four generations’ needs to consider. Safety standards are always high, but some yachts have extra features worth pointing out, such as hydraulic swim platforms and inflatable docks that make getting in and out of the water or tenders easier, for example. Some have elevators giving access to different decks as well as child-barriers in stairwells, baby cots, high chairs and shaded deck jacuzzis. Zero-speed stabilisation is also great as it significantly dampens any rocking or rolling while at anchor.

    Above all, we know which crews flourish with families. Many have it down to a fine art, with costume boxes, themed evenings, treasure hunts and water Olympics!


    A holiday is usually a hindrance if you need to maintain a strict fitness regime, but this can easily be achieved during your charter. Many yachts have exercise equipment on board, from a simple treadmill and Elliptical machine on the sun deck to state-of-the-art gyms with air conditioning and entertainment systems. If self-motivation is an issue, we’ll even find you a crew that includes a qualified fitness instructor to help you make the most of your time off and create a schedule adapted to your needs. The trick is to keep it fun!

  • VIEW

    Broaden your horizons, change your outlook, gain a new perspective: that’s the essence of yachting. You can start in a vibrant city and finish your day anchored off a deserted island. Spend the evening dining under the stars and roll out of bed in the morning into the sea for a pre-breakfast swim. Sultry Capri one day, fiery Stromboli the next - hassle free.

    The view from the deck is an experience in itself.


    There is a yacht to suit every occasion, from ocean-voyager displacement vessels to performance sailing yachts and high velocity island-hopping craft that skip over the sea. The destination will sometimes dictate the best option, but the advances in design and technology mean that you needn’t compromise on comfort, no matter what you choose. Sports yachts in the 20 to 35m (65 to 115ft) range are ideal for long weekend coastal cruising and offer a great first taste of yachting to the uninitiated!

  • Choose a yacht

    Whether you are looking for a 70 metre mega yacht complete with spa facilities, cinema and an award-winning chef or a classic sailing yacht to island-hop incognito, Burgess gives you access to all of the world’s best vessels for charter - so browse the selection today or feel free to call the team for a more personal service.
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