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Burgess sponsors HODL Pacific Row.

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Team HODL aims to row across the Pacific in 40 days to raise funds for The Ocean Cleanup charity

Right now Cutu Serruys, Luca Feser and Matt Siely are rowing 2,800 miles in an 8.7m (28.5ft) boat, to raise donations for The Ocean Cleanup Charity, and Burgess is behind them every stroke of the way.

The three men are team HODL, short for Hold On for Dear Life - a tongue-in-cheek nod to the challenge they are undertaking. They are one of 12 competing boats racing across the Pacific from California to Hawaii in the World’s Toughest Row - Pacific, a race which is pushing them to the limits of physical and mental endurance.

Highlighting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the motivation for this epic endeavour, to raise awareness by rowing through the area. HODL intend to raise £50,000 to help fund The Ocean Cleanup in extracting the plastic before is breaks down into microplastics and further negatively impacts marine life.  

HODL are rowing to raise GBP 50,000 for The Ocean Cleanup
HODL are rowing to raise GBP 50,000 for The Ocean Cleanup

Cutu, Luca and Matt aim to complete the row from Monterey Bay to the finish at Nawiliwili Bay in just 40 days – the average crossing time is 62 days. They are now in the final stretch with just days to go to the finishing line. You can track their progress here.

Their boat is the Rannock R45, which is a self-righting 8.7m (28.5ft) specialist design. It is self-sufficient with solar panels powering the electrics and a desalinating machine to create fresh drinking water. The crew are harnessed into the boat at all times, and there is a liferaft stowed onboard. The boat has to carry all their supplies for the voyage, including all their food in dehydrated food pouches. 

Burgess jumped at the opportunity to sponsor HODL. The team’s proactive approach to marine conservation, undertaking a long voyage, braving all weather conditions, and taking a physical challenge to the furthest degree - all align with Burgess values and legacy. Please join us in supporting Team HODL.

Meet Team HODL

Cutu Serruys, Skipper

Burgess Yachts

Cutu has grown up on the water, recently sailing on 25-30m yachts, and he is trained in navigation. He is also a rugby player. ‘I just want to get started. To get onto the water and enjoy every minute of it. The fear is in not knowing what we are going to face in terms of weather conditions. I am looking forward to arriving to good food, a cold lager, and a comfortable bed, knowing that we have crossed the biggest ocean in the world.’

Luca Feser, Software

Burgess Yachts

Luca has competed in five Spartan marathons. Two years ago, he saw The Ocean Cleanup charity successfully taking plastic out of the ocean, and decided to get involved. ‘The Ocean Cleanup is actually doing the work that is needed, and that inspired me to start this. A challenge like this will bond us to each other and to our sponsors – I enjoy that brotherhood. My only fear is that we do not complete the race.’

Matt Siely, Training Specialist

Burgess Yachts

Matt trains teams to perform and achieve under pressure, and he constantly pushes his own physical limits at Iron Man and endurance events. ‘Just getting to the start line is success. The prep has been immense. Now we are going to be immersed in nature – and at the mercy of the sea. My challenge will be in switching off from the everyday.’

The race in numbers

The race in numbers

40 days non-stop row

2 hours on the oars, 2 hours off

GBP 50,000 for The Ocean Cleanup

850,000 calories consumed

Daily check in with security boat

Weekly hull clean – which means one of the men in the water scrubbing off the sides!

120 hours' rowing to qualify for the race

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