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Putting adventure at the heart of every story.

Based On A True Story

Formed off the back of extensive explorations through the planet’s wide-open seascapes, Based On A True Story has been carefully managing complex cruising itineraries and fulfilling elaborate requests on the water for the last 15 years.

Based On A True Story - Superyacht services

Working alongside Burgess, once Based On A True Story has created your core cruising strategy, it starts to get creative and works on the finer details of every moment that can come alive.

What truly sets Based On A True Story apart is its unique creativity and passionate attention to intricate detail. Its service takes the luxurious experience from on board to on shore, from full scale theatrical productions to gaining exclusivity over highly sought after locations.

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Deeply romantic and intimate dining set-ups in mythical settings, or simply super-styling on shore, it’s the detail that really drives this dream building company. It always seeks to deliver total perfection.

Every journey has an elegant marque custom designed. This could appear on the beautifully designed cards it creates, cards that are both educational and entertaining, challenging and interactive, to bring each and every dinner alive. Or, for example, on a wax seal that reveals an illustrated treasure map to set a new course to engage your children for the next chapter of your immersive adventures. Based On A True Story's passion for creative and intricate detail is what stitches the gown that cloaks your experience.

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You can treat your children to a whole magical and mythological world, where every time they step ashore magic unfolds before them. Everybody they encounter is in costume and speaks in riddle and rhyme. Mythological quests that engage hundreds of actors, that in turn become legends in the fabric of your lives, and then live on in your imagination. This is all Based On A True Story...

Adults step ashore to a wonderland of sophistication, where every evening has special surprises awaiting. Perhaps an intimate dinner within a secret natural amphitheatre, which provides superb acoustics as local musicians serenade you beneath a timely full moon? Under the stars, around the fire, with an attentive butler serving exotic delicacies and beguiling concoctions.

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Entirely bespoke creative touches, small and often quite subtle, surprise and delight. Equally they can create theatrical drama that will deliver awe and wonder, engaging with guests and delivering magic - both at sea and ashore - where others simply follow the compass.

Here are a few examples of the immersive experiences the company has created for its guests

A voyage back in time

Stepping back in time to retrace the great routes of the Spice traders and relive Alfred Wallace's epic voyages of discovery, this adventure took guests on a romantic and exotic cruise to remote and untouched islands off the Indonesian Archipelago, a paradise where time has stood still.

Along the way they encountered abundant marine wildlife and explored fascinating indigenous cultures.

On board and at sea guests engaged with a leading marine conservationist and professional underwater photographer and film maker to host this mini expedition adding huge value to the marine elements of the guests' experience.

When they ventured onshore they joined a leading social anthropologist on a mini expedition to meet indigenous tribes living on the very edge of the world as we know it. To witness unique customs and traditions unchanged through thousands of years and to join in with colourful celebrations.

This was a truly unique opportunity to experience a culture before it got tainted by modernity. An element of living philanthropy was also built in to help maintain this ancient culture and way of life.

A Greek odyssey

Sometimes clients' requirements allow Based On A True Story to act out its own dreams, and this has never been truer than during a magical, mythical voyage it plotted around the Peloponnese for three generations of a very special family.

Working closely with the guests, the captain and crew, the company set to work creating a magical and immersive adventure that would become a celebrated chapter in the family's own story.

It scoured every coast to find the very best hidden anchorages for the yacht, to ensure privacy and secluded beaches - a challenge in itself to deliver in the middle of August - and locations to bring creative ideas to life.

Researching ancient Greek gods, myths and monsters, intertwining Homer and various texts from the tragic Greek playwrights, guests experienced a unique blend of mysterious mythology. Based On A True Story's own creativity infused the narrative to bring the past to life.

The curse of Blackbeard's treasure

The pirates of the Caribbean were commonly believed to hoard their plundered treasures by burying, returning to retrieve them at a later date. Many stories have been told of the unlucky pirates who never made it back to collect their loot, which still lies deep beneath the golden sands...

From the window of their private plane a group of close friends gaze across over the picture-perfect cays of the Bahamas - stretches of deep green, encircled by crisp white sandbars that drop off to sapphire-blue surrounding waters.

Several days are spent together relaxing and exploring the islands of Copperfield Bay. While some soak up the tranquil tropical island vibes, exploring the pristine reefs by snorkel and paddleboard, the more adventurous of the group revel in windsurfing, water-skiing, and big-game fishing.

However, a journey that begins as a relaxed vacation with friends quickly takes on a new narrative when the group discovers a mysterious barnacle-encrusted bottle, washed up along the shoreline. 

Based On A True Strory ensures your cruise is, in every way, a success. Meticulously planned, managed and personally implemented. Your story beautifully captured and bound in a stunning book or expertly filmed.

Based On A True Story... for those who choose to live life at its most extraordinary.

To create your unforgettable adventure, contact your Burgess broker.

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