28 August 2009


The sale of the world's largest sailing yacht strikes an upbeat note in a challenging year

With an already impressive sales track record of iconic yachts to their name, the sale of the 88m MALTESE FALCON represents another milestone for Burgess. The sale was concluded for close to the asking price, with Burgess representing both buyer and seller.

One of the most iconic of all yachts, and certainly the most photographed in modern times, this revolutionary yacht is famed for her sophisticated automated square rigged DynaRig sail plan. Three towering free-standing rotating carbon-fibre masts hold 25,800 sq. ft. of canvas on 15 square sails delivering exceptional performance, speed and manoeuvrability. Launched in 2006, MALTESE FALCON is the result of a collaboration between the world renowned Perini Navi, Dijkstra & Partners and Ken Freivokh.

The new owner was not merely attracted to the FALCON's cutting edge technology in its own right, but to the yacht's "green" credentials that result from an ease of operational functionality, rendering her one of the most environmentally advanced superyachts afloat today. The FALCON's innovative rig is so ingeniously practical that during the 72,000 nautical miles she has covered to date, 55-60% of the time has been under sail, often at 20 knots - and with a top speed of 24.9 knots. The combination of fast cruising capabilities with little reliance on engine power equips her not only as an efficient "sailing machine" but as a true long distance passage maker, with an impressively low carbon footprint.

Creative flair combined with pioneering innovation are driving forces behind the philosophy and business ethos of the new owner. Aesthetics, technology and sustainability were all very key factors for the buyer and MALTESE FALCON ticked all the boxes.

MALTESE FALCON will remain in charter under her new ownership, with both charter management and full operational management handled by Burgess.

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