5 May 2014


The luxury superyacht COPASETIC has been loaned to a team of scientists investigating brain regeneration in rare marine life, off the coast of Florida.

The unique design of this 43m explorer yacht enabled her to carry a specially adapted laboratory on her huge 300m sq foredeck. Built in a steel shipping container, the laboratory is fitted with a state-of-the-art genomic sequencing machine on a tilting table that helps it to stay level despite the natural movements of the boat.

This floating laboratory enables scientists to study rare species of comb jellyfish (pictured right) that are capable of regenerating severed parts of their body, and even a rudimentary brain. The University of Florida researchers hope that understanding the genes that cause these creatures to regenerate could help identify similar genes in humans that might regenerate damaged areas of the brain or spinal cord.

COPASETIC, which is offered for sale through Burgess, was generously loaned to the research team by her owner. Ideally suited to the project, she has a 4,000nm range which allows scientists to travel further afield to collect their samples. The experiments can then be conducted at sea, immediately after the species are caught, helping preserve the fragile jellyfishes’ genetic material. Capable of spending several weeks unsupported at sea, the yacht’s luxurious interior with five cabins and a fully equipped gym is both comfortable and practical for accommodating a team of world-class scientists.


Watch the video here:


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