At Burgess our aim is to allow an Owner to get maximum enjoyment from his yacht without the day to day worry of the yacht's operation. We work very closely with the Captain and crew to ensure the yacht is operated as safely and efficiently as possible.

    In addition to supervising the day to day operation of the yacht we assist the Captain and crew in all aspects of the running of the yacht.

    Our working relationship with the Captain and crew is one of teamwork with all parties pulling together with the common goal of ensuring that the Owner is able to use and enjoy the yacht to the full. Our aim is to achieve this in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

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  • Marine Operations key activities 1/2

    • Certification
    • Insurance
    • Cruise and Voyage Planning
    • Arranging Suitable Weather Routing Service
    • Arranging Suitable Berths
    • Appointing Appropriate Agents
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  • Marine Operations key activities 2/2

    • Providing Provisions and Stores World-Wide
    • Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil
    • Co-Ordinating The Supply Of Charts And Nautical Publications
    • Communications Management
    • Entertainment Subscription
    • Management of Ancillary Watercraft
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