Safety & Security

  • Safety and Security

    The Burgess Safety & Security Department works closely with all our Yacht Managers and other specialist departments to provide our industry leading management products to your yacht.

    Unlike some other Yacht Management providers Burgess provide these services in-house as we believe the implementation and operation of such systems has to be fully integrated with all other areas of operation, such as technical support and crewing matters.

    Safety & Security
  • Safety Management (ISM) 1/2

    • Appointment
    • Initial Set-Up
    • Safety Management System
    • Designated Person Ashore
    • Initial Audit
    • Safety Management Certificate
    • Safety Training and Oil Pollution Response Manuals
    • Certification
    Safety & Security
  • Safety Management (ISM) 2/2

    • Emergency and Medical Response Service
    • Contingency Plans and Emergency Drills
    • Training Courses
    • Accidents, Incidents, Hazardous Occurrences
    • Defects
    • Planned Maintenance System
    • Audits
    • Reporting
    • Publications Library
    Safety & Security
  • SECURITY Management (ISPS) 1/2

    • Appointment
    • Initial Survey
    • Security Assessment
    • Security Plan
    • Company and Ship Security Officer
    • Plan Approval and Certification
    Safety & Security
  • SECURITY Management (ISPS) 2/2

    • Ship Security Alert System
    • Threats and Incidents
    • Training
    • Security Levels
    • SPS Audits
    • Plan Review and Amendment
    Safety & Security

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