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Live life like an owner.

Experience ownership without the commitment. A new wave of chartering is taking shape where charterers are securing long-term periods aboard their favourite yachts, at even more favourable rates. Now, more than ever, a yacht charter has established itself as an unrivalled platform to escape to somewhere entirely self-contained and surrounded by natural wonders in complete privacy and uncompromised luxury. Read on to see how you’ll benefit.

Getting to know you. Comfort in familiarity

Your extended time on board will provide a sense of your yacht becoming a ‘home from home’. Not only will your expert chef be on hand to deliver your favourite cuisine whether it’s fine dining feasts, mid-morning snacks, afternoon teas or your perfect cocktail at sunset; the crew will become experts on your style and taste. Time allows the crew to develop this familiarity which ensures your experience is one of absolute comfort.

Extended family time

An extended charter allows you to spend time together in a way that hardly happens at home. The crew become friends for the children and the whole family gets to enjoy living together in a completely relaxed environment. What’s more, a longer charter duration can also allow you to extend invitations to more family members or friends - be it at different dates or locations throughout your cruise.

Long term goals

A longer charter will allow you the time to hone your skills or improve overall fitness and wellbeing. Many yachts can offer you the chance to become fully qualified in the use of watertoys or enjoy an extensive fitness programme with onboard PT instructors or private yoga instructors.

Many yachts also have a trained masseuse and beauty therapists with dedicated treatment rooms to smooth out all your stresses and focus on your extended me-time. You can really take the time to make use of the yacht’s facilities and further to that, you can truly take the time to explore destinations thoroughly. Whether it’s travelling far and wide over a longer timeframe or treating your yacht like a floating home anchored off your favourite bay, you will relax into a new mode of life!


Dream office setting

Excellent on board Wi-Fi and office facilities allow long term charterers the opportunity to enjoy a completely different remote working environment. This also means your children can spend the morning online schooling so they don't fall behind with schoolwork, while you can take care of business with your daily office view changing as you cruise from place to place.

Try before you buy

If ownership is something you have been considering but feel the investment demands further research, with more yachts open to long-term charters, you can ‘test run’ the experience at enticing rates. As with anything else, the more you book, the more you save. You can expect very significant discounts for charters of four weeks or more and you don’t necessarily need to take it all at once. Why not split your time across the winter and summer seasons?


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