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Joff on The Luxury Item podcast.

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Burgess Chief Executive Jonathan Beckett talks about the business of superyachting with Scott Kerr on The Luxury Item podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify or search ‘The Luxury Item’ wherever you get your podcasts.

On the Pandemic: 'I have to admit we were very scared. We basically saw our business fall off the edge of a cliff.'

On sustainability: ‘They want to have their yacht but they want to make sure that it’s as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. All those things really matter.’

On younger superyacht buyers: ‘The younger generation is looking for something more practical, more interesting, a boat that is built for going off the beaten track.’

On accepting cryptocurrency: ‘I’m sure it’s something we will be doing in the future.’

On Ukraine: 'It’s had an effect on our business but we’re managing our way through it carefully.’

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