Virtual yacht experiences.

Come and explore

Welcome to Burgess virtual yacht experiences, a new place where you can explore the world of superyachting from your home.​

COVID-19 has changed everything for everyone and it's likely to be some time before it gets back to anything like normal. Faced with adversity, we do our best to look after one another. We adapt, we innovate and we find different ways to deliver a sense of complete escapism.

In that spirit we are offering you three immersive routes you can use to experience superyachting this summer, wherever you are.

360 degree virtual yacht tours

Walk the decks without taking a step

First, you can visit 20 yachts for which we have 360 degree photography. Stroll around the inside spaces and walk the decks without taking a step.

Superyacht videos

Capture the essence of superyachting

The second is a wonderful selection of videos, guiding you through the decks and spaces, capturing the essence of superyachting and recreating the experience in spectacular locations.

Live video walk through

Virtually tour the yacht in real time

The third is booking a live tour with one of the yacht crew, and a broker. This way you get a real time walk through with a broker on call to answer any questions.

Fully operational

Once again, we have implemented our remote working strategy and all Burgess departments remain up and running. You can reach your preferred contact by their email or mobile phone, as usual, or click here for general enquiries.

Thank you, and please stay safe and well.


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