Tastes for dining on superyachts are becoming healthier and lighter, according to head chefs on charter yachts available through Burgess. Although fresh and top quality has always been the order of the day on superyachts, heavy sauces and calorie-loaded desserts are now much less likely to be requested.

“Over the last few years, I’ve seen a significant increase in popularity for healthy, Mediterranean-style foods,” says chef Ian Buffington of 65.5m (214.9ft) INVICTUS, who trained at New York’s Culinary School of America and has worked on superyachts for three years.

Columbian-born chef Angela Lozano McCrea from 40.2m (131.8ft) IMPERIAL PRINCESS agrees that healthy, fresh and light meals have been ever increasing on her list of requests from guests.

Of course, healthy choices by no means restrict flavour and variety when it comes to these world-class culinary artists. Lozano McCrea is particularly fond of creating tasting menus that are generous in flavour but not on the calories. One of her recent masterpieces included tomato salad with tarragon-infused tomato sorbet and a slightly more indulgent champagne jelly with strawberry pop rocks and gold leaf.

As awareness of food provenance increases, chefs on superyachts are able to ensure that not only are the dishes they prepare from the best quality suppliers, but they are fresher and better sourced than the most exclusive restaurants could provide. “I try to source organic and hormone free; I’m always looking for the best meats I can find,” says chef Ron Canty, who has worked on superyachts for nine years and is currently onboard 57.0m (187.0ft) LADY LINDA.

Canty enjoys the freedom of sourcing ingredients for superyachts compared with even the most expensive restaurants ashore. “I’m not restricted by the bottom line like a restaurant,” he explains. “I don’t have to cook from the freezer and to an exact menu; I can find the best food that’s at the market each day and it will be on the lunch table within two hours.”

With so much variety available to chefs on superyachts, their skill set is often incredibly broad compared with chefs who exclusively cook in one restaurant with one style of cuisine, explains Ian Tedbury, who works alongside fellow head chef Jake Rickwood on NATITA, a 66.0m (216.6ft) Oceanco. For charter guests who find it difficult to choose a meal with so much on offer, Tedbury and Rickwood create photo albums of their extensive repertoire from past trips to provide some inspiration.

Of course, there is still plenty of room for comforting foods to satisfy both adults and children while on charter. Being on a superyacht is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, after all. NATITA’s expansive galley includes two pizza ovens, ready to serve guests their choice of toppings, and a great activity in which children can get involved.

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