Your vision, your choice, our promise

With custom yachts becoming larger and ever more complex, having the right team to bring your dream to fruition is paramount. Burgess has set an industry benchmark by investing in developing an expert team who will guide you through and look after your assets at every step of the new construction process. Our role in the construction of the world’s largest yacht, the 180m AZZAM, is good testament to this.

This four part-series highlights the key stages of this immensely rewarding journey.

Your Vision

You might know what you want and you may know what you want it to look like. So having a technical team in place from the get-go is vital.  They will ensure that from the start, your desires are met and interests looked after and protected.

If you have a specific homeport in mind or have ambitions to explore, the technical team will work with your designer to ensure adequate water depths and manoeuvrability are considered.

It’s the technical team’s job to make sure a yacht can make it from design to delivery, meeting all obligatory and full regulatory requirements.

As Rory Boyle, Naval Architect summarises:  “It’s our job to make sure we can actually build the yacht that the client falls in love with.”

Your Choice

Once we have your vision, we can establish your choices. In today’s market, they’re almost limitless, so an expert team will be able to guide you adroitly through the process. 

You may have time constraints or have a set budget in mind. You might want a bespoke, full custom-build, starting the process from scratch; or desire a faster-track solution that offers customisation on a proven hull and engineering package.

Sean Bianchi, Senior Naval Architect, advises: “…no two shipyard quotes are the same…it takes experience to see where a contigency might have been included or an omission made.”

Having worked with more than 30 yards globally, the Burgess team is well placed to advise and navigate this tendering process.

Our Promise

You are our priority and when it comes to contracts our team’s expertise is invaluable and can save you money and time in the long run.  New construction contracts are complex, requiring deep insight into exacting specifications; be it structural quality, materials, engineering, performance, safety, classification – the list endures. An experienced team recognises the loopholes, pitfalls and implications of the build process.

Ray Steele, Director of Burgess Technical Services sums this up simply: “At contract negotiation, we can make the biggest difference to a project for the least cost.”

Of course, if you’re undecided if this is the right time to take that step, we know a couple of available yachts that are in build and will be ready for delivery this year: Buy in time for a summer 2014 delivery

Otherwise, find out more about our technical team here.

This article is an abbreviated version of a feature originally published in the 2014 Burgess Superyacht Living & Style Magazine.


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