Jiyu Xie | 谢继豫
Yacht Manager & New Build Adviser | 游艇经理兼新建项目顾问
Jiyu Xie | 谢继豫
Office: Monaco | 摩纳哥
Tel: +31 64 27 80 558
Languages: Mandarin, English | 华语,英语
Jiyu was born and raised in Shenyang, China and obtained degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Jimei University, China and in Maritime Engineering at the University of Southampton, UK. He joined Burgess from Lloyd’s Register where he worked for 12 years, the first six as a Marine Surveyor and the next six years as Superyacht New Build Senior Surveyor based in Rotterdam. In the latter role Jiyu co-led the Amels projects and surveyed the construction and the refit of more than 25 superyachts built in Holland. During that time he gained world-class experience in the technical aspects of superyacht construction, which he now brings to Burgess and the Asia team.

In his private time, Jiyu enjoys travel and global food.

谢继豫在加入Burgess之前已在Lloyd’s Register作为验船师工作12年, 其中后6年被任命为超级游艇新建项目高级验船师,服务于鹿特丹港。任职高级验船师期间,他协作指挥了多个Amels项目,在荷兰勘验了超过25艘超级游艇的建造与改装工程。这也让他积累了世界级的超级游艇建造的技术经验以致力于Burgess以及旗下的亚洲团队。

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