New construction


    Get inspired. Flex your imagination. Because building a yacht should be a joy, from start to sea. We offer a wraparound service in every aspect of design and build, from conception to delivery, working with the finest people and shipyards around.

    • Define and develop your new build requirements
    • Liaise with the chosen designer/s
    • Develop the technical and build specifications
    • Manage the tender process
    • Assist lawyers with preparation of build contract
    • Handle contractual negotiations with the selected builder
    • Oversee hull design - subdivision, safety, stability and powering
    • Ensure compliance with Classification Society and flag regulations
    • Attend regular progress meetings and provide written reports throughout the construction programme
    • Technical assistance during model tank tests and machinery factory acceptance tests
    • Technical assistance during model tank tests and machinery factory acceptance tests
    • Ensure builder's compliance with technical and build specifications
    • Defect list compilation
    • Attend shipyard inclining tests
    • Attend sea trials
    • Monitor and report on your build budget
    • Manage the procurement of your chosen luxury items
    • Assist with the registration of the yacht
    • Report on any modifications to contract price, build schedule or delivery date
    • Provide written and photographic record of build
    • Assist during the warranty period
    • Assist with employing crew
    • Set-up long term management operation from point of delivery

    Yacht Construction is about sheer exhilaration: The excitement, enjoyment and unique sense of fulfilment that comes when you first experience a boat you've created. That's the results we give our clients. Our strong team of Naval Architects, Technical Managers and Marine Engineers assures that the highest standards are met at every stage without compromise. We will protect the value of your investment leaving you free to indulge your imagination and enjoy the build process...


    "We provide analysis at the start of a project that will pay dividends later, in terms of re-sale value and charter revenue."

    Tim Wiltshire
    Burgess Sales Director


    A custom-built superyacht is not usually an impulse purchase. The desire to commission one's own yacht is usually reached over time, informed by the experience of owning, chartering and spending time on friends' yachts. The Burgess new construction team has the commercial, technical and market insight to help you turn a wish-list into a brief, to define what are the must-have features of your yacht, based on the way you intend to use her. We will then prepare a statement of owner's requirements and assist with a concept design tender against which shipyards can bid.


    In a market where pedigree matters, the Burgess new construction team is highly regarded and valued by major shipyards and yacht designers worldwide. We are also continually making new connections with emerging facilities as far afield as Chile and China as they enter the market, continuously evaluating their capacity to meet the needs of our clients. This means we can offer impartial advice on where to build and which designer to choose, validating the information supplied and analysing responses to a competitive tender.

    "We've worked with many different yards and designers, who are all developing new techniques and solutions that may be appropriate to your project."

    Jonathan Beckett
    Burgess CEO


    Once a shipyard has been selected, we are able to help with drawing up the detailed specifications and general arrangement plan against which the contract will be agreed. We have a sound technical understanding of issues such as excessive noise and vibration or delayed delivery, which might result in liquidated damages. Based on a realistic assessment of where the risks lie, for both owners and shipyards, we can negotiate fair and equitable contracts.

    "We use all our experience to reduce the risks and costs of an owner's financial investment."

    Ray Steele
    Burgess Technical Services Director


    At the design stage, Burgess technical experts work closely with the yard and interior designer to ensure that designs meet the appropriate technical and legal requirements. It is our role to represent the owner's vision and interests throughout, and to consult closely with the owner where any changes are required in order to comply with the complexities of changing international legislation. The Burgess team is regularly in dialogue with the classification societies, flag states and governing regulatory bodies, constantly road-testing the best compliancy solutions.


    Throughout the construction phase, the Burgess new construction team will advise on scheduling, supervise the build, accompany clients on site visits, make regular progress reports, and review and approve the shipyard's supply chain on the owner's behalf. We are also on hand to resolve any technical difficulties with the design or build, including any changes to the specification that may arise, for example when the relevant regulations change. With our own marine engineers in-house, we are able to complement the shipyard's own resources at any time to help reduce the risk of delays to the build.

    "Our role is to ensure the integrity and quality of the build from start to finish, to be the owner's representative at the yard."

    Ray Steele
    Burgess Technical Services Director


    Sea trials are an essential and thrilling phase in the development of a custom built yacht. They provide the designers, builders and technical team with an opportunity to fine tune the yacht's systems, and to iron out any 'snagging' issues. Burgess naval architects and marine engineers play a key role in the sea trial stage, bringing their depth of technical insight to bear in both identifying and resolving any last minute issues. Our awareness of both contractual obligations and regulatory requirements ensures that nothing is missed, and that the yacht realises her full potential.

    "Seeing her on the water is a great feeling, and then you get down to studying her performance under different conditions with a highly technical, critical eye."

    Patrick Cronin
    Burgess Marine Engineer


    We have successfully delivered more custom built large yachts than any other specialist. With every new launch, we can take pride in the professionalism and technical prowess of our new construction team. But the story doesn't end there. Owners, charter guests, captains and crews all provide valuable feedback that benefits the next new build project, and the one after that.

    "Many Burgess new construction projects are from owners who have built with us before. There is no better compliment to our ability to deliver."

    Rupert Nelson
    Burgess Sales Director


    Any project of this complexity and size comes with sizeable package of warranty documentation. These are not only issued by the shipyard, but also cover every major component, system and item of equipment, from the yacht's main engines to the running machines in the gym. The Burgess new construction team will ensure all the relevant guarantees are in place, extended where appropriate and enforced where necessary.

    "The launch party is always fun, but nothing beats seeing the yacht in use, a couple of years later, looking just as special as she did on day one."

    Jonathan Beckett
    Burgess CEO


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