The Italian Sea Group (previously known as Nuovi Cantieri Apuania) is one of the largest international players in the luxury yachting industry, known worldwide for the construction and refitting of motoryachts and ships up to 100m. Owned by entrepreneur Giovanni Costantino, the group operates with the historical brands Admiral (acquired in 2011), renowned for its prestigious, elegant and fully custom yachts over 50m, and Tecnomar (acquired in 2009), known for cutting edge design and high performance yachts up to 50m. The Italian Sea Group also offers repair and refit services of yachts over 60m thanks to its SBU NCA Refit.

The shipyard covers over 100,000sqm and has unique facilities: 2.5km of quay, 7,000sqm of dry dock, spaces that make it the largest nautical structure in the Mediterranean with 11 distinct production areas, 1,000 tons of total lifting capacity and 2,700 tons of floating barge for megayachts up to 100m.

The Italian Sea Group stands out for its ability to offer a unique and complete experience in the world of luxury thanks to its high quality standards, attention to detail, innovation and design: all characteristics that represent the essence of Made in Italy.

Admiral; Tecnomar


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