Стоимость за неделю от
EUR 329 000
1986 (Перестроена 2019), Elsflether Werft, Germany
63,8m (209,3ft)
12 в 6 kаюты



Newly refitted and now 63.8m long MAGNA GRECIA looks better than ever and offers an amazing experience to her charter clients.

Fresh, modern and very elegant - the yacht has just completed a 24 month refit period and she is now ready to welcome her guests in style and total luxury. A great volume expedition style tri-deck with steel hull and 6 cabins that welcomes up to 12 guests.

The new MAGNA GRECIA offers the most amazing features among others - a cinema lounge with lit up bar area that can convert into a dining room, a spacious full beam Master suite with a private study, a very large walk in wardrobe and fabulous en suite bathrooms. She also features a separate large office on the main deck with a library equipped with exquisite Hermes furniture.

Captain Stelios and his wonderful, professional international crew are delighted to welcome your clients on board!

Ключевые особенности

  • Cinema lounge with lit up bar area that converts to dining room
  • Spacious full beam Master suite with desk area separate large office with exquisite Hermes furniture
  • Unique sundeck with jacuzzi and great relaxation area
  • State of the art all new Kaleidoscape Av system
  • Flexible 6 cabin layout for 12 guests


Летний чартер
West Mediterranean
Зимний чартер
Please Enquire
8,9m (29,2ft)
4,4m (14,4ft)
Валовой тоннаж
Максимальная скорость
15 узлов
Круизная скорость
14 узлов
Расход топлива на круизной скорости
Типы кают
6 (4 × double, 2 × twin)
2 × 1 550hp Caterpillar
Водное оборудование
8.5m Protector guest tender for up to 12 guests 11m Protector chase tender for up to 12 guests - (towed) Castoldi rescue tender type 18 RB (2017) WaveRunner Yamaha FX Cruiser 3 seater WaveRunner Yamaha FX FZR 2 seater WaveRunner Yamaha VX Cruiser 2 seater Kawasaki SX - R StandUp 2 x Yamaha WaveRunner SuperJet StandUp 8 x Paddle Boards Naish with carbon paddles 2 x Paddle Boards Cruizer 2 x inFlate pcs SUP 2 x Clear Water Kayaks with 4 paddles, 2 inflatables, 2 fins, 2 balance beams Water Scooter Apollo Water Scooter Zapata FlyBoard 2 x Naish Ride Kite 9m FUNAIR Ramp & Rail JOBE Mable 2 x JOBE Donut Banana (5-person) Snorkeling & swimming equipment - Mares Free dive kit - 1 x large fins, 3 x masks, 1 x weight belt, line, float Full size WakeBoard / SurfBoard / Skis / MonoSkis / ECT Full Size Safety and protected equipment LifeJackets / Helmets / Boots / Gloves Full Fishing Gear Inflatable NautiBouy Platforms 2 x eScooter 2 x Mountain Bikes Scotts Dale Rollerblade Skateboard
Средства связи и развлечения
State-of-the-art Comprehensive audio-visual Kaleidoscape system, 77' fold-down plasma TV from ceiling to create the perfect outdoor cinema experience on upper deck, Sun deck equipped with night club lights and a great sound system., Satcom & cellular communications facilities, 2 x V-SAT, 4-G wifi
Недоступно для чартера резидентам США в водах США



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