Стоимость за неделю от
USD 480 000
2003 (Рефит 2014), Austal, Australia
69м (226,3фт)
32 в 16 каютах


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With a distinctive style that transports you to a vibrant, modern beach house, SALUZI is one of the only yachts of her scale that is permanently based in Asia. She invites up to 32 guests to recharge and revitalise across her five decks, with unusual features including a spa, salon, karaoke bar and open air cinema.

As the day begins, make your way to breakfast on the main deck aft where there is a range of dining tables that offer a more intimate mood to large group mealtimes. The deck crew are ready to take you on a diving and snorkelling expedition to a nearby coral reef that is teeming with sea life; SALUZI’s shallow draft means she can even venture among coral reefs and closer to the shore than most yachts of her size. Then take a spin on the dizzying array of watertoys, from the various jetskis, jet board, towables, waterskiing and wakeboarding gear to leisurely options like paddleboards and a glass bottomed kayak.

The crew are renowned for their beach BBQs, so you are whisked by tender to a secluded tropical shoreline to experience one first hand, with fun activities, cool cocktails and freshly grilled delicacies on tap. After lunch is over, everyone heads back to SALUZI for the afternoon; it is impossible to run out of to things to do, whether you crave privacy or convivial fun.

The sun deck is always inviting, with two jacuzzis and endless options for lounging both in the sun and shade. With your workout in the gym complete, an afternoon of pampering in the salon and wet spa is calling, while the children are occupied by fun party games in the upper deck lounge before an early dinner and open air movie night on the sun deck.

SALUZI’s stunning Luiz de Basto design is reminiscent of a hip Miami hotel; it is bold, bright and uplifting, with eye-catching pops of colour and original modern art. There are two plush master suites on the bridge deck, six VIP suites on upper and one on main deck alongside seven well appointed double cabins.

As the sun sets on the beautiful tropical scenery, elegant cocktails and canapes are served on the bridge deck, where you drift between the piano bar lounge and the expansive views of the exterior, with sumptuous sofas and high tables creating the mood of a chic city rooftop bar. After a remarkable Asian fusion dinner, you head to the main deck lounge where karaoke has been set up for your own private talent show, and you party the night away in luxurious style.

Ключевые особенности

  • Regularly maintained
  • Spa facilities: sauna, hammam, beauty room
  • Two master cabins
  • Can accommodate up to 32 guests
  • Six VIP cabins
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Two spa therapists and a personal trainer on board
  • Two jacuzzis on the sun deck
  • Zero speed stabilisers to reduce any rolling motion while at anchor

Спецификация и стоимость

Летний чартер Средиземное море
Зимний чартер Индийский океан
Команда 34
Ширина 13,8м (45,3фт)
Осадка 2,4м (7,9фт)
Валовой тоннаж 1 739
Максимальная скорость 14 узлов
Круизная скорость 11 узлов
Расход топлива на круизной скорости 250 литров в час
Типы кают 16 (12 × double, 4 × double/twin)
Двигатели 2 × 1 073hp MTU
Тендеры и водное оборудование
2 x тендера
2 x джакузи
Бессейн с сеткой от медуз
2 x гидроцикла
2 x сибоба
4 x каяка
6 x падлборда
Водные лыжи
Надувные игрушки
Рыболовные снасти
Снорклинг оборудование
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