Behind the scenes with Burgess: the Chief Stewardess

We recently interviewed the Chief Stewardess from one of our most successful charter yachts to give you an insight into the fundamental role she plays during a charter.

Q: How does your role as Chief Stewardess compare to that of the rest of the crew?
A: As Chief Stewardess it is a MUST being a team player. Helping each other in every area of the yacht keeps us all working towards the same goal – an excellent, successful charter. I like to motivate my team by being the role model.

Q: Describe the atmosphere on board the yacht when preparing for a charter?
A: Exciting, stressful and very focused! Being organized is crucial.

Q: During a charter, what is your toughest job?
A: Keeping the team motivated and positive during long hours. As Chief Stewardess it is very rewarding to achieve that.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most important part of your role when you have charter guests on board?
A: Being very alert around the guests while providing a high end service, keeping quality communication with the Captain and crew for the guests activities and needs.

Q: If you had to choose a single factor that makes a charter successful, what would it be?
A: A professional and team playing Captain and crew.

Q: What is your most frequent job during a charter?
A: Serving the guests and satisfying their needs and requests, continuous communication with the Chef and Captain and also managing the Interior Team.

Q: In your experience, what are the top 5 things, in order, which are most important to charter guests?
A: 1. Professional and friendly Captain and crew. 2. Excellent service. 3. Delicious food. 4. Perfectly operating yacht. 5. Good weather.

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