LOA - 52.3m (171.6ft) / BUILT - Amels, The Netherlands, 2007 /
GUESTS - 10 / CREW - 12

EXPERIENCE   Both these energetic young chefs have Michelin-starred restaurant experience and deliver exceptional dishes, beautifully presented with all the attention to detail and quality you’d expect from a world-class kitchen.  Gareth’s British training and European travels have made him a perfectionist, while Ben’s background (born in Australia, raised in South Africa, trained in London) gives him a passion for international and fusion cuisine.

Q How did the two of you arrive in your current roles?

BH I had been working at the famous Pied à Terre in London, and decided to take some time off to go snowboarding. While in Chamonix, I heard about the opportunities for chefs in yachting. I’ve been on board Deniki for five years.

GA Also via snowboarding! I was working as senior sous chef at a boutique hotel in the Alps before I joined Deniki in 2012.

Q What type of cuisine or dish do you enjoy preparing?

GA I am a perfectionist, and I have a passion for the finest ingredients, whatever style of dish I’m preparing.

BH I really like contrasts of colour, taste and texture, for example. Basil seeds add crunch to a roasted pineapple carpaccio; I’ll put chives, truffle and honey together with beef, or seared scallops with bright yellow fennel confit…

Q What would you choose for your last supper?

BH It would have to be a Braai [South African barbecue] with my family and friends. Or homemade lasagne, as prepared by my mother.

GA Simple, super-fresh seafood such as grilled langoustines or a whole mackerel en papillote.

Sample Menu

Citrus Ceviche of Mahi Mahi with Mustard Cress

Warm Salad of Spanner Crab with Egg Foam

Crisp Pressed Pork Belly with Seared Diver Scallops
Muscovado Dressing, Confit Fennel

Pineapple Carpaccio with Basil Seeds
Lemongrass Granita & Coconut Sorbet

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This interview first appeared in the
2014 Burgess Superyacht Living & Style Magazine

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