LOA - 60m (196.9ft) / BUILT - CMN, France, 2009 /
GUESTS - 12 / CREW - 15

EXPERIENCE A British chef with top restaurant experience including stages in five Michelin-starred kitchens, among them Le Gavroche and Chez Bruce. His final shoreside posting, before heading off to sea, was at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London. He has been head chef aboard Slipstream since her launch in 2009, and prior to that worked for the same owners on their previous yacht.

Q Which markets/places are your favourite for provisioning?

GF The market in Cannes is always good and a chef's delight. In fact, France is a favourite for all food as the produce always seems to be amazing - the bread, meat, fish, fruit & vegetables ...the list goes on. The fish market in Genoa (Italy) is also impressive, lots of choice and well-priced.

Q Which style of cooking or types of dishes do you most enjoy preparing?

GF I am classically trained so I do like cooking fine dining cuisine but I have a real passion for Asian food, from Thai curries and nasi goring to sushi and more... they are always very popular on board.

Q What couldn’t you do without in the galley?

GF My favourite gadget at the moment is our vac pac machine. There is so much you can do with this, from compressing to marinating.  But I couldn't do anything without my knives, the essential tool a chef uses every day.

Q Which 4 ingredients would you take to a desert island?

GF Maldon sea salt. Olive oil. Yeast.  Flour.

Q What dish would you choose for your last supper?

GF Pan fried steak with a creamy pepper sauce and French fries.


Sample Menu

Truffled Lentils with Bacon & Chives
served with a Crispy Poached Egg

Pan Roasted Fillet of John Dory
with a Warm Salad of New Potatoes, Asparagus,
Tomatoes & Mushrooms served with a Horseradish Foam

White Chocolate Cheesecake
with Lemon Curd & Raspberry Sorbet

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This interview first appeared in the
2014 Burgess Superyacht Living & Style Magazine

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