Dive into South-East Asia

In the 2014 Superyacht Living & Style Magazine, South East Asia featured as an increasingly popular charter destination. Indeed, between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand there exists a treasure trove of islands, natural reserves and unspoilt landscapes.

The Andaman Sea offers the perfect setting to cruise amongst the most diverse archipelagos in the world. From Phuket, superyachts can voyage down the Thai coast and into Malaysia; incorporating Phuket, Krabi, the Phi Phi islands, Butang and Langkawi.

There are few places that offer such a rich, diverse range of experiences. Guests can jump from the shopping malls in Phuket to the bio-diverse archipelagos of the Butang islands. In between visiting film locations such as the James Bond island, Koh Ping Kan, from the Man With The Golden Gun.

Comprised of astonishing natural resources, the Andaman Sea offers a variety of activities both above and below the waterline. Renowned for its pristine waters, guests can explore the numerous bays, beaches and rocks that rise like campaniles from the sea. These provide prime diving sites with abundant marine life, amongst the pipefish and harlequin shrimp guests can expect to see turtles and, if lucky, various species of shark.

Equally, Phuket is the perfect staging point to escape further north past the nine Similan Islands and into Myanmar (Burma). Comprised of 800 islands the Mergui (Myeik) Archipelago remains untainted by tourism. As well as the opportunity to explore and dive in perfect seclusion, guests can hope for sightings of tigers and elephants too. Experienced diving guides such as Burgess’ partners Dive Butler International will navigate the best coral reefs, untouched by human activity.

It’s no surprise therefore that more yachts are visiting the pristine waters, secluded islands with soft white sands of South East Asia each year. In the last two years alone Burgess has chartered prominent superyachts such as TWIZZLE and the luxury charter yacht CLOUD 9 amongst a collection of others, some are listed below.

Of course, this only covers Thailand’s west coast. There is an entire eastern seaboard that offers a very different feel, with its own islands and national parks. Perhaps more famous than the west coast, islands such as Koh Tao (literally, turtle island) offer even more diving opportunities; whilst the Ang Thong National Park is best explored by tender or kayak.

For those who want to escape the popular Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngan islands, head south-east to Koh Kra and Koh Losin. Home to loggerhead turtles and manta rays, these islands have limited windows over the summer months in which to visit. Indeed Koh Losin has managed to remain one of Thailand’s jewels by only being accessible to limited numbers of tourists on live-aboard dive-boats.

Read the full feature from the Burgess Superyacht Living & Style Magazine.  

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With destination in mind, you just need the superyacht to fit your needs. The following are a selection of luxury charter yachts currently cruising South East Asia, contact our brokers for an up-to-date and complete list.

BELLE AIMEE              CLOUD 9                    DRUMBEAT               

MAVERICK II               O’MEGA                      SAPPHIRE                  

SUNRISE                     VERTIGO


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