Yachts with spas and gyms on board

While yacht charter in itself can provide the perfect opportunity to take a break from the stress of everyday life, some yachts in particular go above and beyond in terms of pampering their guests by offering comprehensive gym and spa services.

Guests on board LADY S are treated to the best of both worlds: LADY S has a fully equipped gym as well as a dedicated massage room and a Turkish sauna. With a fully trained masseuse on board, who is also a yoga instructor, guests have access to a challenging workout and a tranquil recovery all in one place.

For sumptuous spa facilities, it’s hard to beat MOONLIGHT II. Two experienced beauty therapists run the dedicated health center which includes a Jacuzzi room, post-treatment/relaxation room, sauna, steam room and cold plunge pool. In addition, there is a beauty salon and massage room where guests can unwind with a variety of facial and body treatments.

For gym enthusiasts, SEANNA offers a truly unique workout experience that completely incorporates the outdoors. A panel on the side of SEANNA’s hull folds down to create a platform for the gym area; this creates a spacious, open atmosphere and provides incredible sea-level views for exercisers. After a workout, cool off in the beach club, or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a dive off the platform for a swim in the sea. SEANNA also has a massage room with two private beds and a masseuse on board.

Other yachts providing exceptional gym and spa facilities include INDIAN EMPRESS, TITANIA, AMADEUS, NATITA, BATON ROUGE, CAPRI, SAFIRA, DENIKI, SUNRISE and TALISMAN MAITON.

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