Rest and Relaxation

There is no better way to soothe away the stresses of modern life than a charter on a Burgess yacht. Warm weather naturally encourages a slower pace of life; the sound of the waves, the expanse of blue sky above and the gentle motion of the yacht are sure to lull you into repose. But with busy lives, many of us find it hard to switch off. Let Burgess guide you to the yacht that will allow you to find your inner peace – a place where you can truly ‘get away from it all’ and simply be… There is an art to relaxation and Burgess has perfected it.

Relax and unwind

After you’ve been welcomed on board and admired the superb sea views with a cool drink, massage is probably the most popular and effective way to begin the relaxation process. Most yachts will offer this service, but DENIKI boasts a unique massage waterbed on the aft deck. With the flick of a switch you’ll succumb to its gentle undulations as you snooze in the sunshine.

Water has long been known to have soothing properties, but why stop at a soak in the tub? The master suite on board MOONRAKER has an ‘emotional’ shower/steam room that uses aromatherapy, music and coloured lights as a high-tech solution to fighting stress. And if you need some serious spa time to totally relax, then book a charter on GRACE E. Both the massage and hydrotherapy rooms have saunas, the latter also has a refreshing cold dip bath. Finally the beauty salon will help guests look their best while they enjoy some quiet time in the relaxation room gazing out over the ocean. 

Yoga and massage

Of course, for some active types, all this relaxation sounds wonderful, but in practice they find it hard to un-wind. It’s increasingly recognized that relaxation is not the same as lethargy: the best way to de-stress is to work out. Even the chilled-out GRACE E has an enclosed gym, with extra headroom for the treadmill. Most yachts now provide a combination of exercise and spa treatments; MEAMINA has a qualified personal trainer as well as masseuse, and the sun deck gym has great views for those working out with tinted glass to preserve privacy.

It seems the perfect cocktail for recharging one’s batteries is exercise, relaxation and of course - fun. The sauna, hammam and massage room on board LADY S are complemented by a gym and mountain bikes to use ashore. The golf driving range featured on AMADEUS is sure to raise a smile:  the crew retrieve the floating balls, so you can drive to your heart’s content. Both of these yachts are also RYA personal watercraft schools so you can enjoy driving the jetskis too.

Gyms and wellness

The best thing about all this activity is the satisfied glow you’ll feel at sunset. Muscles warm and relaxed, frown replaced by a smile knowing you’ll sleep really well after a gourmet supper and perhaps a movie, snuggled up in AMADEUS’ cinema – feeling content and a million miles away from real life…

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