ALUCIA - explore the world's oceans in the height of luxury

Published 30 octobre 2019


The 55.8m ALUCIA is an immensely capable stand-alone exploration vessel designed specifically to provide comprehensive, technologically advanced facilities to ocean explorers, researchers, adventurers, divers and film makers. Yet this fantastic vessel also boasts well-appointed interiors of true superyacht quality, designed and furnished in an elegant, modern style.

For adventure on, and under, the high seas, the vessel carries two 2-man Deep Rover submersibles, which offer an amazing array of underwater capabilities including film making, surveying, collecting, and observation. These submersibles can operate simultaneously and dive to over 3000 feet with 320 degree visibility. The huge 20 ton capacity crane allows safe single pick deployment and retrieval of the subs in many different sea states.

ALUCIA is extremely well equipped for serious diving expeditions, with state of the art equipment for the production and storage of diving gas mixtures, and a 3-man decompression chamber with lock-out chamber adding another level of safety and versatility for surface decompression diving.

A large, temperature-controlled video editing suite on the main deck allows for the production of professional quality video and was designed specifically for use by National Geographic, Discovery Channel and similar groups.

Other special facilities providing for high quality research include several deep ocean winches for deploying monitoring equipment and sampling, a two-room laboratory and an aquarium room - a light-tight space which is fully climate controlled and specifically designed for research and documentation purposes. With a large helipad, ALUCIA is equipped with everything researchers will need.

Yet ALUCIA is also designed for luxurious living and cruising in all the comfort expected of a superyacht. Six spacious, well-conceived staterooms with ensuite bathrooms meet the highest standards of yachting, also providing office areas for those wishing to work. All staterooms also have large windows which offer panoramic ocean views and flood the rooms with natural light. Conversely, when ALUCIA is in commercial mode, she has facilities to sleep 32 guests in comfortable accommodation.

A thoroughly proven explorer in her previous incarnation as carrier for the French deep-diving submersible NAUTILE and boasting a history of world-renowned adventures such as the TITANIC exploration, this unique vessel has been comprehensively rebuilt, and will bring 21st century ocean exploration to exciting new levels.

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