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At Burgess we are using our business as a force for good and aim to keep sustainability at the heart of all we do. Here's how our Burgess Blue Oceans team has stepped up to weave these values through our Environmental, Social and Governance policy...


The world’s oceans have given us this amazing industry, and it’s our responsibility to protect them. While the solutions may not yet be perfect, we have stepped up to the challenge, using our influence and experience to push forward our own programmes, working practices and innovative tech.

The good news is that the data tells us that each small change adds up to make a difference.


Burgess values are the foundation of our company. We want to help our people to fulfill their potential, to give back to the communities that support us, and to work with crew on the yachts we manage towards a sustainable industry driven by innovation and capability.

We are what we do - and this is what we are doing, right now, to put our values into practice...


There is transparency in how we run Burgess. From our Management Board to the Senior Partners and Partners, we have created a governance framework that gives every department a voice at the table.

Burgess wants to be a positive force within the yachting industry and wider communities. To achieve that, we know that we are strongest when working together.


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