Burgess Blue Oceans.

Burgess Blue Oceans.

'There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.'

Margaret Wheatley, 2002

At Burgess we believe in what we do. And we believe in doing it to the best of our abilities. Best practice pervades every aspect of our business and we believe that our approach to sustainability should be no different.

Our company was founded by Nigel Burgess, a renowned solo ocean sailor with an obsessive eye for detail and a love for the sea. We, both collectively and as individuals, are passionate about what we do and seek to share this enthusiasm with both our clients and the wider maritime community.

Burgess Yachts

The health of the world’s oceans is the reason that we are able to work in this exceptional industry but we know that our business has a direct impact on the ocean and the communities that rely on it. We acknowledge that we have a responsibility to reduce that impact and to work to create a more sustainable superyacht industry.

Burgess Yachts

Striving to be an environmentally sound company is more than good business practice: it is the responsibility of industry leaders the world over. The superyacht industry is not going to change overnight but we believe that like-minded people who are driven by the same objective can ensure that this industry uses its collective knowledge, experience and capabilities to become a beacon for technological development and a force for good.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is Burgess Blue Oceans

Burgess Blue Oceans is a ground-up initiative started by a core of Burgess staff determined to use our position to help the company – and hopefully in time the yachting industry – achieve cleaner, sustainable operations wherever possible. Blue Oceans takes clean oceans, clean water and reducing plastic pollution as its focus and all our activity is driven by these three core pillars.

Cleaning up our own act

We work to get the Burgess house in order by raising environmental awareness within the company and engaging our own team to drive a collective effort towards genuinely sustainable company operations.

Share and develop best practice on board

We work with the yachts in the Burgess-managed fleets to learn, to understand their successes and challenges on board, and to develop a model for best practice sustainable yacht operations through shared experience.

Drive opportunities for industry-wide action

Our third aim is to unite our industry, beyond name and brand, and create opportunities for greater engagement and positive, sustainable activities within the superyacht industry and throughout the wider yachting community.





Blue Oceans



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