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At Burgess we believe in what we do. And we believe in doing it to the best of our abilities. Best practice pervades every aspect of our business and we believe that our approach to sustainability should be no different.

'There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.'

Margaret Wheatley, 2002

Our company was founded by Nigel Burgess, a renowned solo ocean sailor with an obsessive eye for detail and a love for the sea. We, both collectively and as individuals, are passionate about what we do and seek to share this enthusiasm with both our clients and the wider maritime community.

The health of the world’s oceans is the reason that we are able to work in this exceptional industry but we know that our business has a direct impact on the ocean and the communities that rely on it. We acknowledge that we have a responsibility to reduce that impact and to work to create a more sustainable superyacht industry.

Striving to be an environmentally sound company is more than good business practice: it is the responsibility of industry leaders the world over. The superyacht industry is not going to change overnight but we believe that like-minded people who are driven by the same objective can ensure that this industry uses its collective knowledge, experience and capabilities to become a beacon for technological development and a force for good.

Responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise

Burgess Blue Oceans

Burgess Blue Oceans est une initiative de base lancée par un noyau d'employés de Burgess déterminés à utiliser notre position pour aider l'entreprise – et, espérons-le, à terme, l'industrie du yachting – à réaliser des opérations plus propres et durables dans la mesure du possible. Blue Oceans se concentre sur la propreté des océans, de l’eau propre et de la réduction de la pollution plastique et toutes nos activités sont motivées par ces trois piliers fondamentaux.

Nettoyer notre propre action

Nous travaillons à mettre de l'ordre dans la maison Burgess en sensibilisant l'entreprise à l'environnement et en engageant notre propre équipe pour mener un effort collectif vers des opérations d'entreprise véritablement durables.

Partager et développer les meilleures pratiques à bord

Nous travaillons avec les yachts des flottes gérées par Burgess pour apprendre, comprendre leurs succès et leurs défis à bord, et développer un modèle de meilleures pratiques d'exploitation de yachts durables grâce à une expérience partagée.

Générer des opportunités d’action à l’échelle de l’industrie

Notre troisième objectif est d'unir notre industrie, au-delà du nom et de la marque, et de créer des opportunités pour un plus grand engagement et des activités positives et durables au sein de l'industrie des superyachts et dans l'ensemble de la communauté du yachting.

Our footprints

Burgess launches marine conservation programme

In collaboration with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), the Marine Conservation Programme will offer clients the opportunity to counteract the environmental impact of their yachting activities

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Ocean Bottle

Burgess ex crew member pioneers new initiative to help combat the global ocean plastic problem

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Inspiring a conservation generation

To mark World Oceans Day 2020 on Monday 8 June, the Blue Oceans team sent Burgess staff a package of online resources to inform, entertain and inspire our children about ocean health

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A new spin on circular economics

Find out why two of the Burgess stands at this year's Monaco Yacht Show were just rubbish

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Delivering help to those in need

Burgess teamed up with TALISMAN MAITON to deliver aid to the Moken people, 273 of whom were left homeless when their homes burned down

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Compassion and the will to make a difference

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017, YachtAid Global coordinated relief collections across the Med and various superyachts hopped from port to port collecting aid

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There's no place like HOME

Want to charter but concerned about your carbon footprint? Burgess charter experts have a yacht that satisfies both of these goals

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Unforgettable marine life encounters

Sharing time with whales, sharks or rays is a lifechanging experience. Here are five first-hand experiences of doing just that on a Burgess charter

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Burgess x Blue Marine Foundation



Top conservation destinations to visit on board a yacht charter

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