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Published 02 juin 2020

For families and friends eager to leave it all behind and enjoy a holiday afloat but anxious about the risks involved in going ashore, a bubble charter offers the perfect solution

As the world begins to unlock and countries open one by one, chartering as we know and love it is beginning to return. We are tracking the lifting of restrictions and, while there are still limits to what is possible, the picture is evolving daily and we can build you an itinerary that gives you as much freedom to explore ashore as is allowed.

For families that like to holiday with grandparents, or perhaps have medical issues, going ashore is a risk they don't want to take. For those families, there are bubble charters. These are entirely self contained charters on board virus free yachts packed with watertoys, aquaparks, games, movies, music and a hugely entertaining crew. The seven star standards of luxury and service are as high as ever they were and there is so much to do on board that you simply have no need to step ashore. 

There really is no better way to spend a few weeks of the summer than enjoying all the freedom and sense of escape that yachting brings. In every respect it is a different world, and a better one.

Won't I miss not being able to go ashore?

In our experience, no. Bubble charters work because the yachts are effectively self-sufficient with all the activities and entertainment, fine dining and service that you could possibly need. Yacht crews are naturally resourceful in making sure you, your family and friends have an unforgettable time on board. You can relax completely in an environment you know to be safe and virus free.

Will there be social distancing on board?

Social distancing is almost impossible for guests and crew so the focus is solely on keeping the virus off the yacht. When you see how serious yacht crews are about maintaining a well managed virus free environment on board, you'll find it reassuring and you can simply enjoy the charter.

Yachts are kept safe and virus free because nobody goes ashore, except to bring provisions on board. To do that crews social distance on the quay, wear masks and gloves, remove all packaging and wash everything in alcohol before it is received on board where the process is repeated.

Will the cuisine be up to the usual amazing standards?

Wherever you are in the world our chefs are always able to track down incredible fresh produce and use their exceptional creativity to turn it into exquisite dishes.

The stewardesses are skilled tablescapers as well and have fun creating different atmospheres and decoration for you to discover at mealtimes. Many yachts have several different areas where you can dine, and with a different view to welcome you every day from the deck, there is no risk of boredom.

View a selection of our self-sufficient yachts

France ♦ Italy ♦ Corsica AND Sardinia

MOONLIGHT II - 91.4m | 36 guests, 18 cabins | from EUR 645,000 pw

Extensive watertoys | Beauty centre and Spa room and sauna | Fully equipped gym | Cinema | Grand piano | Blackjack and Roulette games table | Beach Club with inflatable swim platform extension

View yacht

France ♦ Italy ♦ Corsica AND Sardinia ♦ Croatia

SECRET - 82.5m | 12 guests, 6 cabins | from EUR 840,000 pw

Extensive watertoys including 4 waverunners and 4 Seabobs | 2 master cabins | Massage/beauty therapy room | Cinema | Fully equipped gym | Bridge deck pool and sun deck jacuzzi

View yacht

France ♦ Italy ♦ Corsica AND Sardinia

TITANIA - 73m | 12 guests, 7 cabins | from EUR 495,000 pw

Extensive watertoys including a waterpark, 2 waverunners, 2 SeaBobs and a 12.7m slide | 2 master cabins | Massage room and masseuse | Fully equipped gym | Grand piano | Deck pool | Beach club

View yacht

France ♦ Italy ♦ Corsica AND Sardinia

LA MIRAGE - 52m | 12 guests, 6 cabins | from EUR 245,000 pw

Extensive watertoys, including 5 waverunners, 3 SeaBobs and a slide | Spa treatments with masseuse | Recent extensive refit

View yacht

French Polynesia ♦ New Zealand

HEMISPHERE - 44.2m | 12 guests, 5 cabins | from USD 260,000 pw

Certified PADI dive training centre with 2 dive instructors | Fully equipped with scuba gear | 16.4m customs sports fishing boat included | 2 master cabins | Multi award-winning yacht

View yacht


EMOTION² - 42.6m | 10 guests, 5 cabins | from EUR 140,000 pw 

Extensive watertoys including 2 x waverunners, 4 x SeaBobs, jetsurf, golf tee, drone and a 9.9m chase boat | Deck cinema | Fully equipped gym and sauna | Extensive recent refit

View yacht

Enquire now

Contact your broker to outline your bubble charter requirements and we'll take care of everything else, from private jets to airport transfers and everything you want on board.

If you want to know what a bubble charter on board a particular yacht is like, we can arrange a conference call with the captain so you understand how the yacht is kept virus free and how much fun there is to be had.

Of course if you want us to design a holiday that lets you take advantage of shoreside pleasures, we can do that too. Let us know your brief and we'll surprise you with what's possible.


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