Burgess to present at Hong Kong industry leaders’ event

Published 21 novembre 2018

Joe Yuen, Burgess’ head of Yacht Management Services in Asia, is to speak at the inaugural International Cruise and Yachting Festival in Hong Kong.

The organiser of the first ever International Cruise and Yachting Festival in Hong Kong has invited Joe Yuen, Burgess’ head of Yacht Management Services in Asia, to address a conference exploring how best to unlock the potential of the cruise and yacht industry for the city of Hong Kong and in the Greater Bay area.

Joe, who joins other industry leaders in the fields of global cruising, marine and leisure tourism, maritime education and employment and maritime industry developments, will address the conference on ‘What is Yacht Management?’

“The Hong Kong Chinese have been yacht owners for many years. Many own yachts both here and in the Med for business and family vacation. The concentration of wealth here means Hong Kong is a major superyacht market.

I was asked to address the conference on how a Burgess yacht manager can enhance the yacht ownership experience by advising on destinations, itineraries and generally how to maximise the potential of a yacht, rather than using it simply as a vehicle. I’ll also address some broad misconceptions around yacht management regarding its impact on crew numbers and issues surrounding liability.”

Joe is due to speak at 11:45 today,  Friday 23 November in the Hong Kong Maritime Museum located in the centre of the Central Business District at Central Pier 8. The conference runs from 22-25 November 2018 and will be held in four locations around Victoria Harbour.

The conference is organised by the Hong Kong Cruising and Yachting Industry Association, which is linked to the China Cruising and Yachting Industry Association and backed by the China Merchants Group.

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