The Bahamas - ATTITUDE captain interview.

Published 15 juin 2020

Captain Donovan Clark answers our questions on what it's like to cruise The Bahamas in the 45.7m (150ft) yacht ATTITUDE

Captain Attitude

How long have you been a captain? 
It's been 12 years now.

What inspired you to become a captain? 
Captains can drink lots of rum and not get judged about it… joking! I guess over the years I have worked with some great captains and I wanted to take a little bit from each one and formulate my own concept of what the captain's position should entail.

Why did you choose to work on ATTITUDE? 
It was an opportunity at the age of 32 to run a 150ft yacht for the first time and my boss during the interview told me that he saw great potential and confidence in me, so that made my choice easy.

Captain Attitude

What makes ATTITUDE a great Bahamas charter boat? 
ATTITUDE has a 2.4m (8ft) draught allowing her to get into almost every anchorage, she has been cruising The Bahamas for the past eight years without incident and she has a wonderful rapport with the islands.

What is your personal favourite feature or area of the yacht and why? 
Fatty's Tavern! This is a world class dive bar aboard ATTITUDE… we literally turn the galley into a dive bar serving hot wings, beer and sports on the TV. You have to see it to believe it!

How much experience do you have cruising The Bahamas? 
I've been exploring these islands for 18 wonderful years.

Captain Attitude

What is your favourite activity to create for guests on board ATTITUDE in the Bahamas?
Depending on age groups in can range from treasure hunts for kids to wild disco parties for adults up on the sun deck. However my personal favourite is our outrageous beach set up!

What is your personal favourite spot in The Bahamas and why?
Tough one! Again it depends on the guests. However the Exumas are always a crowd pleaser. As a diver I personally love to dive the Blue Holes.

Do you or anyone on your crew have fishing experience in The Bahamas and do you know any 'secret' fishing spots? 
Yes we enjoy fishing and yes we do have a couple secret spots… and we'll keep it that way till you get here.

Captain Attitude

One piece of advice for what to pack for a Bahamas charter? 
Just clothes and swimsuits… we got the rest!

What do you think surprises guests the most about The Bahamas? 
It has to be the multi-coloured waters, it still surprises me!

What advice would you give to a first-time charterer? 
Come with an open mind, let yourself feel good about being aboard a yacht in an incredible place here on earth and soak it all up. 

Captain Attitude

What do you hope to bring to the ATTITUDE experience? 
Fun and unique experiences.

Do you have any special traditions on board? 
Always bubbles, one being blown at the passerelle or swim platform and the other a welcoming drink of Cristal Champagne with a quarter strawberry for arrival.

What, in your opinion, makes ATTITUDE's crew so unique? 
We are mostly couples aboard, making us less restless, more focused and a stronger team who genuinely cross-pollinate departments.

Captain Attitude

One line on something that nobody knows about The Bahamas? 
The word Bahamas derived from the Spanish word 'baja mar' which means 'low tide' or 'shallow water'.

One line on something that nobody knows about ATTITUDE? 
She has an incredibly talented captain!

ATTITUDE will be cruising in The Bahamas and also in the Caribbean later in the year. Please contact your broker to find out more.

Interview: June 2020

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