The essence of Mykonos

Published 30 juillet 2020

Jewel of the Cyclades

Discover the hidden corners of this beautiful island’s coastal beauty during a cruise through the Cycladic chain in Greece. Burgess charter experts take you on an adventure to Mykonos’ landmarks not to be missed during an early autumn charter.

The iconic windmills

No image is more emblematic of Mykonos than the white windmills that preside over the old port of Chora. The symbol of the entire Cyclades archipelago, the windmills of Chora connect the island’s past and present and have become beloved landmarks. Admire them at sunset when the colours change their appearance into works of art hard to capture on an iPhone but which you will remember forever.

Beaches galore

Greece is all about its beaches, some of them bustle with onshore life, others are inaccessible by land, like this one, seemingly tailor-made for the waterborne. In Mykonos, Houlakia lies in seclusion just north of Chora, anchor offshore and take the tender ashore to discover this round pebbled stretch of deserted beach.

Sun-drunk sunsets

Even the most jaded of travellers will be in awe of Aegean sunsets, and those in Mykonos do no disappoint. Whether viewing the sun’s farewell over the Mykonos windmills from Little Venice, or heading back on board to watch the sun dip onto the horizon of the Aegean Sea, the island’s sunsets will not disappoint.

Mykonos marketplace

For a real taste of the Aegean head to the market in Mykonos Town for the tastiest fresh ingredients. From fresh fish and seafood delivered daily from the fishermen’s boats to freshly harvested local vegetables, fruits and herbs, to artisanal local produce such as Mykonian cheeses, delight your tastebuds and ask your chef to prepare a feast extraordinaire.

Monastery of Ano Mera

Built around the imposing monastery of Panagia Tourliani, itself worth heading inland for with its impressive baroque wooden altar and ecclesiastical museum, the village of Ano Mera is a textbook example of authentic Cycladic architecture. Be sure to take in the ornate marble fountain and the monastery’s bell tower – both famous Mykonian landmarks in their own right.

Panigirakis Castle

Whether just for the views or also for the historical interest, the Castle of Panigirakis is well worth a visit. Built in the early 18th century, it is not only a place of immense historical significance for the island but delivers spectacular views like this over the sea and Chora and provides a stunning backdrop for photographic memories.

The edge of Mykonos

The lighthouse of Armenistis sits at the north-western tip of the island and has what must be the best view on Mykonos. From its vantage point in Cape Armenistis, you could spend hours gazing at the blue Aegean Sea, entranced by the boats and yachts passing by.

A church for every occasion

Mykonos has at least one church for every day of the year - Chora has more than 60 churches. The majority of the male population on the islands were once sailors and it was custom for the crew and their families to pray to Panagia (Mother Mary of the Sea). Churches were therefore traditionally built on rocks right by the sea and today just about every local has a miraculous savior story to tell.

The Cyclades are most enjoyable in September and into October, when the crowds disperse and the sea is at its warmest. Talk to your Burgess charter expert for further information on the yachts available.

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore or all other locations.

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