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Published 23 novembre 2023

With an adventure ahead of her, SEA EAGLE is inviting charterers to join her at destinations around the world as she sets off on a three-year circumnavigation. We talk to Captain Barry de Kock and Chef Anner Sluijter as they get ready to take SEA EAGLE on an epic voyage from Scandinavia to Costa Rica, Patagonia to French Polynesia.

Captain Barry, how long have you been on board SEA EAGLE?

I joined SEA EAGLE in May 2023, and I have been a Captain for 25 years. We have had an amazing summer sailing along the coast of Norway. The scenery was stunning, the isolation and exploration really whet our appetite for this adventure.

What can guests look forward to when they come aboard?

This three-year itinerary is already inspiring charterers to come and join SEA EAGLE for the parts of the journey that excite them. Guests who sailed with us in Norway this summer are planning to come over to Japan when we are there. Patagonia is another big draw. SEA EAGLE is a proven, ocean-going yacht. She was built for this.

Naturally SEA EAGLE attracts charterers with an adventurous spirit. This voyage is taking it to the next level. Now guests will come to not only sail but to truly explore the world.

SEA EAGLE has an itinerary that will take her from Europe to South America, the Pacific to Asia and Alaska

Chef Anner, when did you become a superyacht chef?

I started on yachts in 2018. Joined SEA EAGLE in July 2022. I had a trial period with the owners and learned their tastes very well. It was a really important period for me, I got to understand their likes and dislikes – it was a lot of fun too.

How will your food respond to the countries that you visit in the next three years?

No matter where I go, I adapt to where I am. I want the menus to respond to each place we visit, using the best ingredients available in that country. Beef in Patagonia, sea bass in Chile, scallops in Scotland – I am excited to create some amazing food in these places.

Chef Anner relishes the chance to cook for guests on SEA EAGLE

You are about to travel the world on SEA EAGLE. How do you prep for that, Captain Barry?

Taking on a voyage like this is all in the planning. I am looking six months to a year ahead at the logistics and documentation to get ready. SEA EAGLE’s five-year survey will be due when we are in New Zealand, so that needs to be worked into our schedule.

And Chef Anner?

My aim is to keep the galley fully stocked at all times - I am talking about the dry and frozen produce that we can store to have a supply of all those essentials. Then I can source fresh produce locally.

Fresh delicacies from around the world

Captain Barry, where do guests gravitate to onboard?

People like to be on the flybridge when we are sailing, and to hang out on the aft deck bar for meals and just socialising – it’s a really good lounge area. We sail as much as guests want, and I usually suggest an hour or two. Then people want to take the ebikes ashore to explore, or take the watertoys out, or start diving. Each day is packed.

The indoor-outdoor aft deck bar is a favourite hang out for guests

Are the crew excited to be sailing around the world, Captain Barry?

On a yacht like SEA EAGLE, you need a close-knit team. A trip like this is exciting for all of us and we have crew keen to join the voyage. The SEA EAGLE crew are a great team.

And you, Chef Anner?

Friendship with the crew is very important as we are all living together. On long passages the crew play Cluedo over many days – trying to ‘kill’ off our opponents and win all the cards! It’s good fun. It is important to respect each other. We have a great crew going on this voyage, it’s going to be epic.

Chef Anner, what do guests do to relax onboard SEA EAGLE?

I love scuba diving and I am working towards my Instructor’s ticket, so I like to encourage guests to explore the oceans too. We are going to sail to some very special diving sites, real once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. In the Pacific the reefs are still alive with fish and living coral, and they can be seen just with a snorkel.

When the anchor drops, the watertoys come out for fun on and under the waves

Captain Barry, what can guests do in the tropics as the evening falls?

Night sailing is very romantic. The luminescence in the water is magical and the sky on a beautiful night is really special – the stars look so close you could touch them. There is also the outdoor cinema on the aft deck, I expect that will be a favourite with guests wanting to sit out on a balmy evening and enjoy a movie.

Movie night under the tropical stars, just magical!

Chef Anner, what will be on the menu for your guests?

I like to keep cuisine light. I specialise in using fresh ingredients and making healthy, energising food. When I was working at De Dyck in The Netherlands, which had a green Michelin star, we had our own vegetable garden and the menu was seasonal. That style of cooking has stayed with me. Really though, nothing is off the menu onboard SEA EAGLE, you only need to ask.

Experience robust cuisines from around the world on board SEA EAGLE

Captain Barry, which destinations are you most interested to visit?

Alaska and the Northwest Passage are on my bucket list. For me personally, that passage will be momentous. We are due to sail that leg in July 2026, although the exact timing will depend on the weather and the ice.

It will be the culmination of this adventure, to sail SEA EAGLE through that famous pass, from Alaska to Greenland, Iceland and Norway. A fitting finale to this expedition.

Chef Anner’s top five store cupboard ingredients

  • Spices are the most important - turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, all of them. They are essential to flavour so many dishes.
  • Bonito flakes - one ingredient I use most in Japanese food. The Japanese call it Katsuobushi.
  • Soy sauce for the same reason, and the saltiness it brings.
  • Anchovies - versatile across all cuisines and brings umami to my dishes.
  • Furikake – is a blend of shredded nori (dried seaweed), Katsuobushi, wasabi powder and sesame seeds. I use it as a rice topping, and to flavour dishes. Really, I could eat sushi rice favoured with furikake and vinegar every day, it’s an amazing flavour combination.

Talk to us about joining SEA EAGLE

This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and you can be part of it. SEA EAGLE embarks on her voyage in December 2023. Get in touch to learn the details of her itinerary and how you can get involved along the way.

SEA EAGLE is excited to welcome you on board

SEA EAGLE world tour 2023-26

December – Atlantic crossing and Christmas/New Year – Caribbean

January – Transit Panama Canal and passage to Patagonia
February & March – Cruising Patagonia
Late March – Transiting to Central America and prep for Galapagos
Mid-April & May – Galapagos cruising
June to November – French Polynesia, Samoa, Micronesia, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia.
December – Australia East Coast to Sydney

January, February – New Zealand
March to August – Shipyard New Zealand
September & October – Australia, South and East coast
November to April 2026 – Indonesia, PNG, Philippines, Palau, Borneo, Singapore, Hong Kong

May – Japan
June – Transit to Alaska
July – Northwest Passage – 4 weeks
August – Greenland, Iceland, Norway
September – Scotland

Which is your must-see destination? Talk to our charter brokers today about taking this rare opportunity to explore it on board the remarkable SEA EAGLE.

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