Less is more.

Published 06 mai 2021

As the appeal of yacht ownership grows ever stronger, to provide the sanctuary and escape we all need, we talk to two Burgess specialists in the latest growth market: the sub-50m sector.

Less is more. It's a simple phrase that captures the attraction of a smaller investment in a larger lifestyle.

Following 2020, a year like no other, many of us have seen the value of having a self-contained space closed off from the world where we can enjoy the pure ocean light, smell the sea air and enjoy a taste of the freedom we miss. The sub-50m yacht market provides that haven and it's growing faster than ever.

Here we speak to two specialists in that market: Miami's Keith Maling outlines the sub-50m motor yacht market while Palma's Jamie Small explains the attraction of sailing yachts.

Keith Maling on the sub-50m motor yacht market

The sub-50m market remains very strong and has the numbers to support it.

Most experienced yachtsmen choose an 'entry level' superyacht in the 30-50m sector, as evidenced by the recent sales successes of the Benetti 50 NOW series and the introduction of the new Benetti Oasis series at 34m. Most shipyards are having unprecedented success in this size range and companies such as Overmarine (Mangusta) have funded the development of several 'entry level' superyachts from 30-46m, with order books filling fast.

40.8m (133.8ft) REBECA one of the innovative Benetti Oasis series
40.8m (133.8ft) REBECA one of the innovative Benetti Oasis series

Pre-owned 30-50m inventories, although scarce at present, are more affordable and there are still opportunities for the pre-owned buyer. Many new build and late model series yachts in this category find their way to astute buyers, as this size range gives the owner the luxury of a higher volume yacht with an efficient platform and smaller footprint.

What is behind the popularity of 30-50m yachts? These are the advantages as I see them:

1. Purchase price is very competitive

2. Lower cost of operation: fuel, berthing, insurance, maintenance etc.

3. Lower crew costs as 5-9 crew is sufficient

4. A larger market should you choose to sell or charter your yacht

5. Fewer regulations and easier private use benefits

There is greater opportunity for owners, family and guests to participate in the yachting lifestyle in a more intimate way than with larger superyachts. This category offers the ability to participate in more environmentally friendly itineraries and operations.

Below are five Burgess Central Agency yachts currently for sale with Burgess. If you want to know more about any of these yachts, new builds with short delivery times or the wider pre-owned sales fleet in this size range, do please get in touch.

Jamie Small on the sub-50m sailing yacht market

We continue to see strong interest in a market where demand is outstripping supply due to a number of factors. These are a contraction of the number of custom sailing yacht builders globally, rising costs of new builds and the accelerated interest in the sailing yacht sector post Covid.

The ability to escape the madding crowd has never been more important than in today’s world, and that moment when the engine goes off and you are under sail power alone, it is truly unique. Indeed that search for peace and quiet means the sailing yacht sector often has the lowest levels of sound and vibration you will find and environmentally, a sailing yacht offers you a fraction of the fuel costs and emissions.

48.2m (158.1ft) MORNING GLORY Combines comfort and convenience with efficiency and exhilaration
48.2m (158.1ft) MORNING GLORY
Combines comfort and convenience with efficiency and exhilaration

Modern deck equipment means far fewer crew are required, cutting operational costs still further, but ultimately it is the stand-out elegance and grace a sailing yacht offers that makes ownership a very unique experience. Whether you prefer comfort over performance, classic beauty over modern style, the available brokerage options have this covered.

Here, we run through five of the pick of the sailing yacht market... 

46.9m (154ft) MIKADO in action

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40-50m yachts

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To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: LondonMonacoNew YorkMiamiSingapore or all other locations.


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