Looking ahead to 2024 - winter yacht charters

Published 24 avril 2024

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and instead of a winter wonderland you find yourself in a different sort of magical landscape. Surrounded by turquoise waters, there’s a balmy beach on the horizon and a sky full of sun. And you’re floating through this Eden on your own private luxury yacht. From the palm-fringed beaches of the Caribbean to the emerald peaks of Tahiti and fish-filled dive sites of the Maldives, a winter yacht charter will take you there.   

Planning a winter yacht charter - our five favourite destinations

Whether you travel with family or friends, there’s no better way to enjoy quality time together this winter than being together on board a yacht in a stunning locale with your every whim catered to. The islands of The Bahamas and Caribbean are a popular choice for their easy accessibility and proven cruising grounds. But consider looking further afield as well, adventuring down to the Indian Ocean, South Pacific or even New Zealand where new vistas and experiences await.  


Basking in the Bahamian Bliss

With more than 700 islands to explore, The Bahamas is never short on unforgettable harbours, uninhabited beaches and exciting diversions on shore. In the Exuma islands, swim in a cave grotto where the James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed, pet gentle nurse sharks and visit the famous swimming pigs on Big Major Cay, more commonly known as Pig Beach. Or plot a course to the more northerly Harbour Island off Eleuthera, a celebrity haven where you can walk along a pink-sand beach and browse island-chic boutiques and art galleries.  

Your perfect paradise getaway 

Plan your visit during New Year’s Eve to witness a traditional Junkanoo parade, a spectacle of vibrant colours and a cacophony of celebratory music that will serve as a rousing start to your New Year. You can find Junkanoo parades on many of the far-flung Bahamian Out Islands, but for a bit more nightlife, have your captain book a berth on Paradise Island so you can dine at Nobu and dance the night away at Aura nightclub in the Atlantis Resort. Then you can watch the massive Junkanoo parade in Nassau on New Year’s Day. 


Whisk away to the Windward wonders

Set in an arc on the southeastern edge of the Caribbean, the Windward Islands are a wondrous place to explore by yacht. From the French island of Martinique to the peaks and waterfalls of St Lucia and the Grenadines down to the rainforests in Tobago, this stretch of Caribbean is a filled with diverse landscapes and a myriad of activities to take part in on shore and in the water.  

Explore the enchanting isles of St Vincent and the Grenadines 

Hike Gros Piton, the taller of the two conical peaks that are emblematic of St Lucia. Head ashore on the exclusive isle of Mustique for a spa treatment at the Cotton House Hotel or enjoy sundowners at Basil’s Bar, an institution on this private hideaway of an island. In Grenada, you can visit an organic chocolate farm, walk to a waterfall, shop for cinnamon and saffron in the fragrant spice markets and snorkel over an underwater sculpture garden. 

Embrace the stunning beauty of the Tobago Hummingbird 

All the way south, you’ll find Trinidad and Tobago. The petite island of Tobago packs an astounding amount of biodiversity into its small size. Traipse through the rainforest for a birdwatching, waterfall, and rainforest tour, or go for a snorkel right off your yacht, looking out for the giant leatherback sea turtles that are abundant here.

french polynesia

Take a trip to Tahiti

With a beguiling blend of French culture and natural beauty, a visit to the Society Islands in French Polynesia will quickly whisk away any winter blues. With black sand beaches, an array of hiking trails leading to cascading waterfalls and the buzzing capital of Pape’ete to discover, Tahiti is one of the crown jewels of the Society Islands. Tahiti also serves as an excellent jumping off point for exploring other Society Islands, like the nearby Mo’orea,  Bora Bora — known for its over-the-water luxury bungalows — or heading further afield for the remote Tuamotu Archipelago.  

Tour the island of Tahiti this winter 

Dip below the water’s surface and snorkel among schools of colourful fish, or dive down to explore shipwrecks. The most popular wrecks in Tahiti are found in depths ranging from 13-29m, making them accessible for all dive abilities. Tahiti is regarded as the birthplace of surfing, and avid surfers should make tracks for Tahiti Iti, a little undeveloped peninsula where you can ride powerful waves, while nature lovers in the group can explore the untamed wilderness.  


Enjoy the bliss of the beautiful beaches

Low-slung atolls, long swaths of white-sand beaches, world-class scuba diving and luxury spas found ashore, the Maldives are an excellent alternative to a Caribbean winter yacht charter. Set in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are hot, dry, and sunny in the winter. Along with the high-end hotels found among the Maldives' many isles, there are also 57 entirely uninhabited islands where you can anchor off for the night enjoy a sense of utter calm and an air of exclusivity.  

Relax on the white sands of the Maldives 

Or perhaps you’ll tender ashore, with the crew inviting children on board to take part in an epic treasure hunt while the grown-ups enjoy a luxe beachside picnic. There’s much to see under the water in the Maldives, especially in Hanifaru Bay, an uninhabited isle that’s part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for manta rays and whale sharks. For the activity seekers on board, the Maldives has areas for kite surfing as well as reef wave breaks for surfers. Fishermen will also rejoice as there is excellent big-game fishing with a chance to reel in sizeable snappers and mahi mahi. 

new zealand 

Swap skiing for surfboards 

Those in quest of an endless summer should consider a winter charter in New Zealand. In the southern hemisphere it will be summer, of course, and you can enjoy good weather while exploring the country’s cinema-worthy landscapes. For a trip combining fine wine, epic surf breaks and lush scenery, board your charter yacht in Auckland to take in the sights of the North Island of New Zealand. 

Swap the skis for surfboards and venture out in New Zealand 

Instead of a winter trip to the slopes, swap your skis for a surfboard and catch a wave or two. On the west coast, you’ll find wild waves crashing into black sand beaches. Or pay a visit to the northerly Shipwreck Bay, considered one of the best surf breaks in the country, which fittingly played a starring role in the classic surfer film Endless Summer. 

With a vast range of marine life there's never a dull moment 

New Zealand is a nature lover’s paradise, and so much of its wild coastlines are best explored by yacht. Cruise through the protected Bay of Islands. Pay a visit to the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve, which has a dive site that Jacques Cousteau himself called one of the best in the world. Play castaway on the largely undeveloped Great Barrier Island where you can kayak along its rugged shoreline or ride mountain bikes through its untamed interior. Wine lovers will want to make a beeline to Waiheke Island, which has more than 30 wineries where you can sip chilled Sauvignon Blanc while drinking in views of the bay below.  

Considerations and benefits of a luxury winter yacht charter

Flexible dates and destinations

Escaping home for a bit of winter sun is best done by superyacht. You can go where you’d like, when you’d like, in utter privacy and luxury. With a range of luxury yachts available in locations all around the globe, you’ll be able to find the right one to suit your tastes and schedule. Whether you want to travel for a week or enjoy a longer sojourn, a winter yacht charter affords you flexibility to choose the date, destination and itinerary that works for you. Charter itineraries can be highly customised to fit in with exactly what you’d like to do — or not do if relaxation is the priority. 

Make the most of the sunshine this winter

Escape cold weather

Feeling the warm sun on your skin is a salve for the soul in the winter. Instead of snow boots, you can walk barefoot on board your luxury yacht — and put your toes in the sand while visiting islands throughout the Caribbean, Maldives, or French Polynesia. Instead of bundling up against the cold, you can start the morning with a swim in warm waters right off your yacht. Head ashore for adventures, or simply spend the day playing with the yacht’s watertoys and sunbathing. Of course, the yacht will also have plenty of shady areas should you wish to enjoy the warm water while protecting your skin.  

Soak in the picturesque views as you relax in the sun

Luxury service to take away January blues

As the light dwindles in the winter, our mood can as well. The happy chaos of Christmas holidays helps to tide us over through the darker days of winter. But once the New Year comes and the excitement slows down, it’s easy to be hit with a bout of the January blues. Trade these internal blues for the blue waters of a winter charter destination. Stepping on board a superyacht, you’ll find your seasonally incited sadness slipping away as you sail among picturesque islands. 

You’ll be in the lap of luxury, spending time on board a gorgeously designed yacht that has every comfort you could need. And, unlike a resort on land, you’ll have it all to yourself. All the while, you’ll be looked after by a doting crew who will make your every wish a reality, and the yacht’s private chef will cook up exactly what you desire. What could be a better way to escape the doldrums of January?  

Escape to the sunshine with a winter yacht charter. Speak to your charter broker today.

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