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Published 30 novembre 2023

With another new year just around the corner, it is a good time to think about how to make the most of the next twelve months. We know that time on a yacht is time very well spent for your physical and emotional wellbeing - and the science backs this up.

Just being at sea is enough to boost your health and fitness levels. Add to that an onboard spa, gym, pool, personal trainer and chef - and you have all you need to come back fizzing with energy. Here's how to max your yacht charter on every level...

The science bit

Being on, in or near the water is scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on our health and wellbeing. From fat-burning watersports to fresh ocean air and Vitamin D enriching sunshine, simply being at sea is a tonic for both the mind and body.

For centuries people have flocked to the coastline hoping to boost their health, and it has been well-documented that blue spaces make us feel happier, healthier and calmer. But exactly why does the sea benefit the body and mind? From better sleep to happier relationships, you can discover the benefits for yourself...

Ease your mind

The sound of the ocean has a measurable effect on your mental wellbeing, helping to hit 'pause' on racing thoughts and reduce stress levels. The ebb and flow of waves that you hear as you lie on your sunlounger de-stimulates the brain, and for some has a more relaxing effect than even music.

Activating the parasympathetic nervous system, scientists have shown that the sound of water also helps to lower the concentration levels of cortisol in your bloodstream, slowing your heart rate, reducing blood pressure and relaxing the body’s muscles.

With nothing on the agenda but relaxation

Recent years have seen a demand for the yachting experience to take more of a holistic approach, with health and wellbeing as a priority of most guests. When it comes to the ultimate relaxation, many of the superyachts have their own spas and treatment rooms, along with Hammams, saunas and jacuzzis. Some of the larger yachts even have entire decks devoted to wellness, with dedicated beauty and massage therapists.

Relax your body

Being by the water is often associated with increased physical activity. The ocean provides an endless arena for watersports, and these fun activities can also increase your fitness. Swimming and snorkelling can provide a full workout, while stand-up paddle boarding and water skiing are also great for the core. Kayaking gives the arms, shoulders and back a solid workout, and staying on deck with a yoga or Pilates session will help tone muscles as even with stabilisers the motion of the ocean increases the demand on your body’s core balance.

Focus on your workout and release frustration

Many of the superyachts also offer state-of-the-art gyms, with a wide variety of gym equipment. Some yachts have personal trainers within the crew, and on the larger yachts the gyms are often located with views out over the horizon for an inspiring workout at sea. Those yachts that don’t have the space for a dedicated gym still carry some gym equipment that can help you work off lunch.

Discover natural skincare

Revitalising and refreshing, seawater is rich in nourishing minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and selenium. Many of these are powerful anti-inflammatory skin-healers. Sea bathing can improve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, and reduces allergic skin responses while soothing sensitive, dry skin or healing small wounds faster. What’s not to love?

To benefit, all you need do is jump in!

Take time together

Love the time to spend with friends

Whether it’s a one-to-one catch up with a friend, a BBQ-on-the-beach party or a family movie night on board with popcorn and candy, being on a superyacht provides the space and opportunities for social interaction with friends and loved ones. Strong social bonds are known to be important for your mental wellbeing, and a superyacht charter is the perfect chance to bring family and friends together.

Sail into the blue

The colour blue is proven to lifts spirits

Increases in the 'happy hormones' serotonin and oxytocin are proven benefits of being by the sea. Plus, being in, on, around or under the ocean also boosts your dopamine levels, a key chemical messenger within our inbuilt reward system. Added to this, for many people the colour blue is associated with feelings of calm and peace, so waking to views of the ocean actually changes the frequency of our brain waves and puts us into a mild meditative state. Some studies have also found that the colour blue is associated with a boost of creativity. 

And just breathe...

Sea air is generally cleaner and fresher than that on land, with higher levels of oxygen in the air, which improves sleep. Sea air also contains negative ions: oxygen atoms with an extra electron, which boost your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and helps to balance your serotonin levels.

Added to this, a superyacht cocoons guests in comfort with luxurious and stunning accommodation. From the finest linens to exquisite soft furnishings and quality beds, drifting into a peaceful slumber will feel effortless after a full day’s activity at sea.

Sink into superyacht-level comfort

A wellbeing yacht charter 

In addition to all these benefits, superyachts are designed to cater for your individual needs in a way that you will rarely find ashore. Whatever your requirement, be it a rejuvenating diet, hard-core sport, the need to just relax and breathe in that sea air or massage away the stress.

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Your peace of mind comes from knowing that it is all taken care of for you. So you and your friends can get on with sipping a green smoothie after a core-strengthening pilates session and think about a steam in the Hammam.

Tailored nutrition

Your superyacht chef uses the freshest produce

Aboard a superyacht your chef has access to the freshest fish, seafood and local ingredients which are both full of flavour and packed with nutrition. When arranging your charter your chef will discuss your nutritional requirements with you and will tailor your meals to complement your health and wellbeing charter - without losing any of the gourmet styling and taste. They will plan creative ways to deliver a delicious, nutritious menu, taking into account the fuel you need for workouts and watersports. At your request, your chef can even coach you how to recreate the meals for yourself on your return home.

Al fresco living

Enjoy seamless indoor-outdoor living

Blending the indoor and outdoor experience adds to the holistic, relaxed atmosphere when the water feels within touching distance. Layouts that bring the outside in, or take the inside out, are always a popular feature on board today’s superyachts. Balconies, sea terraces and floor-to-ceiling glass doors are now commonplace on  modern yachts.

The larger yachts can also offer the complete beach club experience, with a deck at water level offering pools and bars as well as the swimming platform and dock. You can relax right by the water in privacy, and access the water and watertoys with ease.

Watersports and toys

Your yacht is your playground

Whether you are looking to channel your inner child playing with the kids or feel the ultimate thrill on an eFoil, messing about on the water is an essential ingredient of any yacht charter, and comes with the added bonus of keeping you fit while having fun. From on board golf driving ranges and basketball courts to inflatable slides and aqua parks, keeping active simply doesn’t get any better than on board a superyacht. You could opt to up-skill and learn a new watersports under the careful instruction of a qualified crewmember.

Bedroom suites

No need to choose when the master and VIP suite both look like this

To ensure every member of the your party is comfortable, charter yachts offer flexible layouts, with convertible cabins to suit a range of different accommodation requirements. Many have double cabins that can be converted into a twin beds, and sometimes a twin cabin will have pullman berths for extra children. Every cabin on a yacht features a private en-suite bathroom, while many yachts have a master cabin for the principal charterer, usually located on the main deck. A handful of charter yachts also have a VIP suite to rival the master suite - ideal for when there are two principal charterers in your party.

Pool and spa

Swim against the countercurrent

On superyachts a spa pool is a given. You will usually find a jacuzzi on the sun deck, plus the largest of the charter yachts also have all manner of additional water features, ranging from infinity pools to swim-up bars, and even pools with a countercurrent so that you can exercise by doing laps while still on board.


Gym bunnies are in for a treat! 

Most superyacht gyms are fully immersive indoor-outdoor spaces. They are often located in the beach club by the water’s edge or on an upper deck with a view of the sea. The gym equipment available varies, but most yachts will have cardio machines plus free weights or a Technogym. Also, look for hydro-resistant rowing machines, ellipticals, Peloton spin bikes, and running machines - everything will be state-of-the-art.

Your yacht, your way

From USD 637,000 per week


65.7m (215.5ft), guests 12 in 6 cabins

From EUR 700,000


68.2m (223.7ft), guests 12 in 6 cabins

From EUR 145,000 per week


43.8m (143.7ft), guests 10 in 5 cabins

Book today

Take your choice of these phenomenal superyachts from the Burgess charter fleet. This is a short list of the yachts for charter that we know have everything on board to deliver your ultimate health and wellbeing holiday, with a big side order of fun!

From finding your ideal superyacht to incorporating wellbeing into your charter, our Burgess charter experts are on hand to make it happen for you. Just give them your party size and needs, and let them take care of you. Call or live chat with our charter brokers.

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore or all other locations.

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