Planning your corporate yacht charter

Published 25 mars 2024

When it’s time to celebrate your employees or truly wow a client, there are few things more memorable than spending time on board a luxury yacht. A corporate yacht charter will show your team and clients exactly how valuable they are. 

The typical modes of connecting with clients — fancy dinners, stuffy board room meetings and dull conferences — have all been done to death. For those who want to entertain clients and really stand out, a corporate yacht charter allows you to host clients in an innovative way.  

Make your next company event bigger than ever before 

In terms of awarding employees for their hard work, there’s nothing better than giving them the gift of a luxury experience and time to unwind on the water. A yacht charter also packs in plenty of fun activities and opportunities for team building and bonding. 

Types of corporate yacht charter

A corporate yacht charter can be centred around an event, such as the F1 in Monaco, Art Basel in Miami or the Cannes Film Festival. Having your own yacht at a highly coveted event gives you the chance to treat your guests to a VIP experience they will never forget. Much like having a private box at a sporting event, you can take in one of the most talked about events of the year while enjoying the sequestered privacy of your own yacht — which, of course, is much more glamorous than any sports arena. A large corporate yacht charter also gives you an unparalleled venue to throw an epic party where you can celebrate and dance the night away.  

A corporate yacht charter might be a more understated affair, perhaps when you need to have a private meeting in a secluded locale away from prying eyes. Whether it’s a quiet bay in the Caribbean or a dockside mooring in a city, a yacht affords total privacy from the public.  

Celebrate with a beautiful lunch on open waters

Also ideal for celebratory daytime or evening affairs, a corporate motor yacht charter allows you to welcome guests on board for lunch, a cocktail party, sunset cruise or dinner. Imagine gathering on the aft deck of a luxury yacht, with a drink of choice in hand, gazing at the setting sun as you finalise the details of your latest venture. You can tool around the bay taking in views, or perhaps just stay at the dock and lap up your stylish surrounds.  

Choose a corporate yacht charter as a way to reward employees. This might be a day out on the water — stopping off to play with all the watertoys and have a lovely lunch — or a multi-day trip with their colleagues. Anyone could treat their top-performing employees to a land-based stay at a hotel, but not everyone would think of a yacht charter. It’s a unique and thoughtful way to ensure employee retention by going above and beyond to say, ‘job well done’.  

Planning a corporate yacht charter  

Expert advice from the experienced team at Burgess makes planning a corporate event easy. The Burgess team can find you the right yacht to fit your corporate charter needs perfectly, whether it’s a large yacht for a big party, a smaller yacht for a few select guests or an utterly luxurious vessel to impress clients. Whatever the need or location, our expert Burgess charter brokers will help bring your vision to life.  

Corporate yacht charter destinations

With a skyline of out-of-this-world modern buildings spanning the horizon, corporate yacht charters in Dubai are extremely popular. As days are hot and nights stay warm and dry, out on the water is the ideal place to be.  

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Dubai from the water

A corporate Miami yacht charter might also be on your mind, as chartering in this sub-tropical city can tie into high-end events like Art Basel or the new F1 race in Miami. Of course, the F1 in Miami is built around a faux marina, but smaller boats still ‘moor’ trackside there — and larger yachts will be in real marinas on the coast, where you can escape to for a post-race party.  

With many events to discover and visit, Miami has something for everyone

The South of France is a hub for corporate yacht charters that tie-in to established events. You can book a yacht and moor stern-to in Port Hercules to take in the racing action at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, or moor in the historic port of Cannes to be mere steps away from the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes also hosts many corporate events, such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and every year big brands hire charter yachts to hold their events or court clientele.  

Cannes is the hot spot for corporate events 

New York City is ideal for corporate yacht charters as well, whether it’s an around-Manhattan sail beneath famous bridges and past the Statue of Liberty or docking in the city during the US Open tennis tournament. A corporate yacht charter in NYC also gives you a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a private conversation.  

Soak in the stunning view of the Statue of Liberty from a different perspective 

There are many lovely destinations where you can book a corporate yacht charter to treat employees or clients to a longer trip, with the Caribbean, Maldives or Mexico all balmy places worth considering.  

For those who enjoy yachting events, a corporate yacht charter can rise to the occasion as a base for viewing racing action, such as the St Barth Bucket Regatta or the America’s Cup. Or you might book a charter yacht as a base for exploring what’s on offer at industry events like Monaco Yacht Show.  

Benefits of a corporate yacht charter

The benefits of a corporate yacht charter are numerous. Not only is a yacht the apex of privacy, but stepping on board a yacht makes you feel instantly relaxed, putting clients in the right state of mind for inking a deal.  

While on board, guests will be looked after by a doting crew and incredible chef while enjoying seven-star service. This level of luxury makes your clients or employees feel well looked after in a way few other experiences can. A yacht also comes stocked with a plethora of watersport activities, from paddleboards to water slides, making fun on the water built in. Your crew can set up an on-the-water obstacle course for team planning or plan a theme party and decorate the yacht as a pirate ship, casino or speakeasy to suit the theme.  

Turn any corporate event into a lasting memory 

A corporate yacht charter is unique, and choosing to host on a yacht will surely make you stand out from other companies. And a yacht affords you the ability to get into places — from an F1 track to a quiet harbour — that you might not otherwise be able to access, and certainly not with the same level of luxury and privacy. And, best of all, a yacht can be used flexibly to suit your needs, making it the ideal base for any type of event from a small breakfast meeting to a huge all-night party. 

Bring a whole new meaning to privacy 

Tips for planning a corporate event on a superyacht

A hot tip for planning a corporate event on a superyacht is to book ahead if you’re trying to go to an existing event on board a yacht. The quays at Monaco and Cannes, for instance, book up well in advance, so if you want to ensure your spot it’s good to let your charter broker know as soon as possible.  

It’s also important to have an idea of what you want to achieve — is it a relaxed experience, wild party or a bit of both? The more you tell your broker about what you want, the better they can design the ideal experience to entertain your guests.

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