Introduce your children to the world's best charter destinations

Published 17 octobre 2023

A superyacht provides the perfect setting for a family holiday with children. Whatever their age, moving from one destination to the next, children will be immersed in diverse cultures and different ways of life, and find it impossible to be bored. 

Time ashore will expose them to unique traditions and historic monuments that will broaden their knowledge of the world, while on board their curious nature will no doubt have them questioning what lies beneath the great expanse of ocean.  

Expose your children to the shipwrecks of the world and their stories 

Added to this, a superyacht is also a great platform to learn a new sport. With all the equipment you need right on site and a crew ready to teach them, the whole family can immerse themselves in watersports activities of all different types, and, depending on the yacht’s facilities, could even gain a qualification. Whatever the destination, be it far-flung exotic locations or well-known cruising grounds, a superyacht opens the opportunity to create experiences that you and your young adventurers will never forget. 

Well-known cruising grounds  

During the summer months the Mediterranean offers countless possibilities for a family yacht charter, especially for those looking for some culture. The South of France offers an array of family activities, while Corsica and Sardinia, for example, are known for their multitude of safe anchorages, ideal for watersports.  

Give your children the experience of a lifetime with various watersports 

Those with young ones fascinated by history will love an East Mediterranean itinerary that is designed as a dot-to-dot tour of ruins, temples and churches ravaged over thousands of years, while the cruising grounds of the Caribbean offer some great attractions for all the family. 

From re-enacting battles at Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua to the British Virgin Islands archipelago with its pirate tales of treasure and intrigue, or The Bahamas with its shallow waters ideal for snorkeling, there is good reason that the well-trodden cruising grounds remain a popular choice for families.  

The archaeological wonders of the Eastern Mediterranean are breathtaking, and Greece in particular is steeped in historical splendour. Those with young ones fascinated by history will love a charter that incorporates a multi stop tour of historical landmarks and monuments dating back over thousands of years.

With ancient temples and delicious food, Greece is an unmissable yacht charter location

Dovetail visits to ancient sites with a cruise through the Cyclades or the Ionian while your children learn how to be mini archaeologists, searching for treasure and learning about various empires along the way.  

Make a day of it and visit the ruins in Athens 

While cruising the Cyclades, Athens is an ideal stop off point for a yacht, with historic sites such as the Acropolis and the Panathenaic Stadium (home to the first modern Olympics in 1896) – all of which are easily accessible in a short taxi ride 

Discover the ancient terrace of the lions at Delos island

Over on the lesser-known island of Delos, step ashore and discover their sacred grounds – the supposed birthplace of Artemis and Apollo and these days a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. At each port of call your crew can easily organise an expert guide to escort you and your children around, to elaborate on the history and heritage and answer any questions, bringing the past to life.  Or of course for consistency you can take one with you. 

Why take your children on a yacht charter to Greece? 

  • Enjoy reliable winds and ideal cruising climate  
  • Discover islands steeped in historical splendour  
  • Explore ruins and temples  
  • Enjoy ideal conditions for water sports 
  • Relax in protected anchorages and on stunning beaches   

A favourite for a summer yacht charter, the Amalfi Coast is an area so impressive that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety. With its glorious culture and artistic heritage, each port of call brings the past to life with ancient relics left by the Romans, Greeks, Saracens and Arabs, all of whom revelled in the Amalfi’s abundance of natural resources. 

Pizza, pasta, pesto and more - introduce your little ones to a world of flavour in Italy

From the ancient city of Pompeii and the preserved town of Herculaneum to the formidable Mount Vesuvius, the Amalfi Coast offers up a treasure trove of culture amidst jaw dropping vistas and stunning anchorages too numerous to mention 

Why go on a yacht charter in Italy? 

  • Follow in the wake of ancient travellers and discover relics of bygone empires  
  • Discover Italian culture at its finest at every port of call   
  • Revel in the natural beauty of the coastline – too steep to support much in the way of modern development and therefore relatively unspoilt  
  • Enjoy the culinary delights of almost 30 Michelin-starred restaurants that can be found along the Amalfi Coast  
  • Swim in the clear blue waters off the picture postcard island of Capri  
  • Indulge in a therapeutic mud bath on Ischia  
  • Enjoy an outdoor concert in one of the stunning garden amphitheatres 

Exploring unusual destinations 

For charterers who have experienced the traditional cruising grounds, combining culture with an adventure further afield is an appealing alternative. A superyacht charter in an exotic location conjures up images of days upon days of sunshine and endless sandy beaches, but there is often more to far-flung islands and off-the-beaten-track cruising grounds than azure waters and white sands.  

From snorkelling with marine wildlife to relaxing on the beach, the Galapagos has it all 

The Galápagos must be the ultimate bucket-list destination for every nature lover, young or old, while South East Asia or Indonesia, with their jungle-clad interiors and underwater worlds like no other, offer certainly something out of the ordinary 

Forever associated with Darwin, the Galápagos are an entirely unique eco-haven off the coast of South America. Like a pocket of the world that time forgot, a luxury yacht charter through the island archipelago is a remarkable experience for all, but for adventurous children it is dreamland 

For unparalleled wildlife experiences charter to the Galapagos 

One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the cruising grounds are made up of 12 main islands and hundreds of islets in one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. Each island is unique and offers a range of wildlife encounters ashore, ranging from land iguanas and the famous blue-footed booby.  

Observe the blue-footed bobbies in their natural habitat 

The cold waters here also provide opportunities for experienced divers to witness pelagic marine life endemic to the Galápagos (authorised diving only with a licensed guide), while younger children can spot all manner of smaller sea life while snorkelling and swimming in the shallows amid sea lions, penguins, seals and turtles.  

What better way to kick start your adventure than swimming with sharks 

These cruising grounds are understandably extremely well environmentally protected and the number of yachts able to cruise in the Galápagos annually is limited and licensed. Itineraries are provided by the Parque Nacional Galápagos, advising where yachts can cruise and where visitors can explore to minimise the effect on the wildlifeEven with these restrictions though such a privileged insight into the natural world is invaluable and the memories so spectacular they will last your children a lifetime.   

Why go on a Galápagos yacht charter?  

  • Gaining an understanding and appreciation of the fragility of our natural world is invaluable for children, and the memories made will last a lifetime  
  • To learn everything about Charles Darwin and his discoveries  
  • To encounter wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else on earth, including the only tropical penguin species on the planet 
  • To see the Galápagos pink land iguana – a unique subspecies   
  • The ultimate nature high for all ages 
  • To visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the luxurious comfort of a superyacht  

Thailand’s Andaman coastline is an established yachting area, or as it is often referred, 'the reigning maritime jewel of South East Asia.' However well-known a cruising ground these waters are, they still retain an enduring appeal, and there really is no better place to get a first taste of Southeast Asian natural wonder. From the poplar hub of Phuket, either steer a course for the surrounding islands that fill Phang Nga Bay or head immediately south to the world-famous Phi Phi islands.  

Rich in culture, a Thailand yacht charter is the perfect destination for new experiences

The topography, secluded anchorages and pristine beaches are picture postcard perfect, but it is the amazing underwater world which will leave children mesmerised. And why not combine a weeklong charter through these intoxicating islands with a trip to Bangkok and the thronging markets. 

For those who are truly adventurous, the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary located in downtown Chiang Mai offers a unique experience 

After a sensory overload in Bangkok, journey to the more peaceful jungle-covered mountains and hill tribes in the north and discover elephants, before exploring the town of Chiang Mai where the children can learn more about Thailand’s rich culture.   

 Benefits of a yacht charter in Thailand 

  • To witness the country’s stunning topography  
  • Dive and snorkel the amazing underwater world  
  • Discover the sacred temples that dot the landscape  
  • Swim with real-life sea gypsies in the Mergui archipelago  
  • Explore dense jungle interior  

Raja Ampat, Indonesia  

Indonesia offers the adventurous charterer a chance to embrace culture, learn about local traditions and discover an underwater realm like nowhere else. From the well-known island of Bali to the majestic Raja Ampat archipelago and the spectacular Komodo National Park, the little-chartered waters are a fascinating place literally bursting at the seams with all types of sea creatures.  

Explore Indonesia's underwater historical shipwrecks 

Lying off the northwest coast of New Guinea, the Raja Ampat archipelago is home to Indonesia’s largest marine national park. Perfect for the budding marine biologist, the plankton-rich waters here actually have the highest recorded marine biodiversity on earth.  

Discover the variety of wildlife with a kayaking adventure 

Younger children can swim and snorkel with iridescent fish that will leave them babbling with enthusiasm, while older children will gain an elevated understanding on the importance of ecosystems. They could even make their very own wildlife documentary and capture memories of a lifetime on camera. 

Benefits of a yacht charter in Indonesia 

  • Insight into cultural traditions 
  • Broaden horizons in an underwater realm like nowhere else 
  • Plankton-rich waters with unique species of marine life  
  • Encounter the Komodo Dragon (guide essential)  

Top tips for planning a family adventure yacht charter 

Just about any type of experience can be incorporated into a family yacht charter, but some destinations will excel or specialise in certain areas. One thing all the examples have in common is the classic ingredients of travel and adventure – and of course the luxury superyacht platform to cocoon you. Ensuring you have chosen the right yacht in the right destination is obviously equally key to any successful yacht charter.  

Selecting the right yacht  

From modern motor yachts to classic sailing yachts, there are several yachts that specialise in catering for families with children. Designed for pure comfort, a large motor yacht has the most space and is often best for families with younger children.  

Create unforgettable moments and memories on board a Burgess charter yacht

Spacious and stable, they are equipped with plenty of entertainment facilities and watertoys, along with accommodation of various configurations. Look at layouts with twin cabins (and perhaps a nanny cabin should you be travelling with young children), or convertible cabins that can be configured to suit your needs.  

Nothing like a cozy movie night after a adrenaline fuel day of exploration and adventure 

Some yachts also have a guest cabin close to the master, allowing younger families to be close at nighttime. A jacuzzi with shade is also a good option to keep young children entertained during longer passages, while a swim platform or beach club allows for easy and safe access to the water.

Keep the children entertained on board during the long passages

A sailing yacht with all its winches and ropes and which sails on an angle is not necessarily recommended for younger children who may not yet be steady on their feet, however, should your heart be set on sailing then catamarans can also be a good middle ground as they are more stable and child friendly

Charter amenities that suit the whole family, with on board gyms and entertainment systems 

For those chartering with teenagers, yachts with gyms are always popular, as are good audio-visual systems and home cinemas for quiet time when the sun is at its hottest. This also applies to families with younger children, and yachts with cinema screens or movie areas can provide welcome entertainment during the middle of the day.  

The watersports equipment available can also be a deciding factor. Older children can learn a new skill such as paddle boarding, surfing and windsurfing, and a handful of yachts also have PADI-accredited dive instructors within the crew.  

Encourage your older children in mastering a new fun skill from surfing to diving 

Ask your Burgess charter expert to recommend a yacht where the crew has a reputation for being child friendly. If the crew engage well with children the entire charter experience will be enhanced for the grown-ups, and this of course includes having a chef used to cooking food for kids (with hidden vitamins) 

The right destination  

Countless cruising grounds can easily be adapted to excellent family charters. For those travelling with younger children, the ideal itineraries are those that offer a lot of attractions within a small area, so that only short crossings are required to hop between anchorages. Added to this, a variety of activities and culture is also good and of course, clear and clean waters to swim in 

Set sail for your next family holiday in style. Speak to our team of expert charter brokers today. 

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore or all other locations.

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