Charmaine du Plessis
Gestionnaire de flotte (Etats-Unis)
  • Langues anglais
  • Bureau Miami
Charmaine was born and raised in Zimbabwe and in her early 20s, moved to Amsterdam where her fluency in Afrikaans proved beneficial. From there, Charmaine worked in a London casino before joining the cruise ships where she moved up through the ranks to the position of Casino Manager and travelled globally for the next 15 years. In 2001, Charmaine chose to make her home in the USA and shortly afterwards was introduced to the yachting industry. While working closely alongside an experienced yacht interior designer, Charmaine earned her Interior Design diploma at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. This led to several invaluable years as a high-level brokerage assistant where she continued to add superyacht know-how and savvy to her expertise. Charmaine joined Burgess in 2012 and her broad global outlook and ardent appreciation of clients’ wellbeing and interests make her an ideal fit for Burgess. As head of the thriving USA Charter Management team based in Miami, Charmaine’s philosophy is to lead by example and mentor with integrity.
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