Far from plain sailing.

Published 05 septembre 2019

Burgess sales and charter experts share their unrivalled knowledge on the sailing yacht arena

A sailing superyacht is a very different breed of vessel to a motor yacht as it is required to function under both power and sail and, in many conditions, perform in racing conditions while still providing a comfortable and luxurious home for guests. There may be fewer sailing yachts than motor yachts afloat, whether for sale or charter, but their appeal is undeniable and for those who want to experience the sheer exhilaration and natural power of sailing there is no alternative. If you are thinking about buying or chartering either a modern sailing yacht or a fine-lined classic, there are ample opportunities whether you are looking for the fun and excitement that comes with racing in a superyacht regatta, or you simply want to capture the real romance and thrill of life under sail.

The type of sailing yacht bought or chartered will of course shape the experience for the charterer or owner. Responses to changing trends, technologies and demands from owners have seen increasingly innovative and beautiful yachts being built. One notable trend over the last decade is the popularity of large sailing yachts. A larger, modern sailing yacht, such as the 56.4m MONDANGO 3 or the 58.4m KOKOMO, is ideal for those who want the size, comfort and facilities of a motor yacht but with the flexibility to open up the sails on occasion. These yachts boast all the amenities of a motor yacht with the undisputed appeal of sailing.

MONDANGO 3 - 56.4m (185.1ft), 2014 Alloy Yachts
MONDANGO 3 - 56.4m (185.1ft), 2014 Alloy Yachts

For genuine sailors the allure of a classic sailing yacht cannot be denied. These may not have quite the level of luxury and comfort as a motor yacht but they are ideal for yachting enthusiasts looking to experience vintage sailing at its very best. There are some classics, however, that while still looking classic have also been updated with all the luxuries of a modern yacht while keeping their original design touches intact. The 65.3m classic sailing superyacht CREOLE is the world’s largest wooden sailing yacht, and indeed one of the most beautiful classic sailing yachts of all time. She was a masterpiece when launched in 1927 and remains so today. Following a number of rebuilds and refits over the years, she was returned to the beautifully appointed and fast CREOLE that her designer had intended with a major restoration in the mid-20th century and today she offers an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, surrounding her guests in all manner of home comforts with very luxurious facilities.

CREOLE  - 65.3m (214.2ft), 1927 (refit 2008), Camper & Nicholsons
CREOLE  - 65.3m (214.2ft), 1927 (refit 2008), Camper & Nicholsons

And then there are the fast performance sailing yachts which, with their cutting-edge technology and impressive build and design expertise, are increasingly efficient and fast. The 34.2m SPIIP has had a superb regatta career thanks to outstanding engineering and craftsmanship. She also has a simplistic yet functional interior with a full-beam master suite. Superyachts such as SPIIP are a sure draw for the competitive owner looking to push their yacht to the limit and even race in superyacht sailing regattas.

SPIIP - 34.2m (112.1ft), 2000 (refit 2017), Royal Huisman Shipyard
SPIIP - 34.2m (112.1ft), 2000 (refit 2017), Royal Huisman Shipyard

For those sitting on the edge and deciding between a motor or sailing yacht then a catamaran offers a great mix of sail and motor. Thanks to their low draft they are particularly ideal for accessing shallow-water areas and are well equipped for luxury and comfort. Take the multi-award-winning 44.2m catamaran HEMISPHERE, or example. As the world’s largest sailing catamaran, HEMISPHERE is a great transition boat if you are new to sailing as her stable platform and vast beam means she offers the sort of motion and on board comfort to which ‘motorboaters’ are more accustomed, while still delivering an impressive turn of speed under sail. 

HEMISPHERE - 44.2m (145ft), 2011, Pendennis
HEMISPHERE - 44.2m (145ft), 2011, Pendennis

For sailing yacht enthusiasts champing at the bit Burgess has a fine selection of brokerage yachts available for sale from the biggest names synonymous with sailing yacht builds across the world. Names like Royal Huisman, Dubois, Perini Navi, Pendennis, Alloy Yachts and Vitters, to list just a handful. With competitive pricing and a wide range of sizes and designs on the market, the sailing yacht brokerage arena also currently represents an excellent value proposition for prospective buyers.

Sailing yachts for sale

All of the yachts listed below have been created by experts in their field who live and breathe their design and construction, sharing the great passion possessed by the owners of these vessels, and always endeavour to break new ground in design and technology, and all are available at substantial discounts to the new build cost.

43.9m (144ft), 2013 (refit 2019), Alloy Yachts


Asking price: USD 22,000,000

More info
32.6m (106.9ft), 2017, Vitters Shipyard


Price on application

More info
36.7m (120.4ft), 2009 (refit 2019), Yachting Developments


Asking price: EUR 11,900,000

More info
42.1m (138.1ft), 2009 (refub 2018), Royal Huisman


Asking price USD 14,900,000

More info
34.2m (112.1ft), 2000 (refit 2017), Royal Huisman


Asking price EUR 6,950,000

More info
37m (121.4ft), 1996 (refit 2015, refurb 2017), Alloy Yachts


Asking price: EUR 5,500,000

More info

Sailing yachts for charter

The Burgess charter sailing yacht credentials are equally impressive, with some of the most successful sailing yachts in the Burgess charter fleet.

46.8m (153.6ft), 2010 (refit 2017), Su Marine


Rates from EUR 80,500 per week

More info
43.4m (142.5ft), 2004 (refit 2018), Perini Navi


Rates from EUR 140,000 per week

More info
38.7m (127ft), 2015, Claasen Jachtbouw


Rates from USD 84,000 per week

More info

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