Charter Burgess + fly Victor = reduce your carbon footprint.

Published 27 juillet 2022

Two partnerships, Burgess x BLUE and Victor x Neste, work on your behalf to reduce dramatically the carbon footprint of your charter holiday, from private jet to yacht

At Burgess, we appreciate that the ocean gives us so much enjoyment and know how important it is to protect the marine world for the future. So we work with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) to put our money where our mouth is. With every transaction we make as a business, we contribute to BLUE - and we invite all our clients to match our contributions.

However, that contribution comes into play once you are aboard your Burgess yacht… Now the alliance between private jet broker Victor, and Neste, the world’s leading producer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), means that when you fly in and out, you can measurably reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your flight.

With every Burgess charter you contribute to research that protects our oceans
With every Burgess charter you contribute to research that protects our oceans

Reducing GHG emissions is hardwired into Victor’s DNA. Since 2019 the company has offset all its flights out of its own pocket, and this alliance is a natural progression. Victor is leading the aviation industry with this endeavour – and unlike other providers that offer an off-set charge against future production of SAF in a couple of years, Victor offers members the opportunity to make a credible difference immediately.

SAF can fuel the planes we already have, so SAF can work for you right now
SAF can fuel the planes we already have, so SAF can work for you right now

The beauty of Neste’s SAF product is that it works in existing aircraft and complies to the same standard as fossil jet fuel - but it is made from 100 percent renewable raw materials, such as cooking oils. Their SAF solution is wholly aligned with the aviation guidance of Science Based Targets, which is considered the gold-standard in ambitious corporate climate targets.

Neste produces hundreds of tonnes of SAF per hour on a commercial scale at their refinery in Porvoo, Finland, which means you can use it to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil jet fuel on any  booking with Victor today. So, how do you apply SAF to your flight into Cannes to pick up your yacht? The simple answer is - leave it to Victor.

Know that your holiday travel makes a positive impact on carbon emissions
Know that your holiday travel makes a positive impact on carbon emissions

When you book your jet through Victor, at checkout you choose how much fossil fuel you want to replace with SAF. Once you have landed, the SAF you purchased will be distributed by Neste to an airline. So while your plane will not be fuelled by the SAF you purchased, another plane is flying with it and reducing emissions with your SAF – after the SAF has been used you receive a statement detailing the emission reduction which can be used for Science Based Target reporting. 

The day will come when all flights are fuelled with SAF, in the meantime you have an opportunity to make positve change, right now.

Neste is expanding its capability to supply SAF globally by the end of 2023, but you don’t have to wait another day to reduce the carbon footprint of your next Burgess yacht charter. When you book your next Burgess charter, talk to the team about arranging your travel through Victor, and ask how you can counteract the environmental impact of your holiday by donating a Marine Conservation Fee to help save our oceans.

Burgess yachts available now

Classic yacht NERO, 90.1m (295.6ft), turns heads in every port. She sleeps 12 guests in six cabins and is available to charter in the Mediterranean, from EUR 497,000 per week.

Stunning 88.5m (290.3ft) CLOUD 9 is a family favourite. She sleeps 12 guests in seven cabins, and is available to charter in the Mediterranean from EUR 1,000,000 per week.

For palm trees and white beaches, MUCHOS MAS is in the Caribbean. At 43.9m (144ft), she sleeps 11 guests in five cabins, and is available from USD 210,000 per week.

Let us arrange it all for you

Our brokers are excited to arrange your charter holiday so get in touch, and remember to ask about our Burgess x BLUE initiative to protect the ocean we love.

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore or all other locations.

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