Visiting Saudi Arabia aboard a superyacht

Published 24 octobre 2023

A superyacht charter in Saudi Arabia is a luxury experience like no other. Whether you are watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix from the deck of a yacht in Jeddah, diving with hammerhead sharks on amazing reefs and wrecks at Yanbu, exploring UNESCO heritage sites like AI UIa or making a pilgrimage to Mecca or Medina, Saudi Arabia is an undiscovered treasure-trove waiting for you to explore. 

If you have not considered Saudi as a charter yacht destination, that is understandable. It was only a few years ago that the kingdom opened its doors by issuing tourist visas. Now it offers a wealth of new scuba diving opportunities, natural wonders and previously out-of-bound archaeological and religious sites. 

Take in the picturesque view of Saudi Arabia 

Theres enormous investment in resorts and infrastructure, the culmination of which is the envisioned new megacity, Neom. Saudi Arabia is only going to get more popular so now is the ideal time to take advantage of everything the kingdom has to offer while it still retains all its authentic charm. 

Why book a luxury yacht charter to Saudi Arabia?

Discover the Al Fahad shipwreck on the shore of Jeddah

Saudi has coasts on both the Red Sea and Persian Gulf – more than 1,200 nautical miles to explore. Yachts are afforded a generous measure of freedom in this proudly traditional country, and it is simple to see why a luxury charter holiday is positively the best way to explore this emerging tourist destination. 

See natural wonders first-hand 

Take a trip to the Elephant Rock at Al Ula 

If you think of Saudi Arabia as just a vast, sandy desert, think again. The Rub' al Khali desert – the Empty Quarter – does fit that description but all around the Kingdom there are natural wonders aplenty such as Elephant Rock at Al Ula. The volcanoes of Al Madinah and 1,000m vertical cliffs in the desert called the Edge of the World, as well as a myriad islands, beaches, and coral reefs 

Red Sea coast 

An extremely rich marine ecosystem, the Red Sea is home to thousands of fish and invertebrate species. Saudi Arabia has 950 nautical miles of its eastern shore and is increasingly popular with scuba divers of all abilities. Marine life here is often less fearful of people and the dive sites include many pristine reefs and intriguing wreck sites.

Explore the depths of the Red Sea 

On the water too, there is plenty of fun. Kitesurfing is popular in all months except December and January when the wind is gentle and sea conditions are ideal for kayaking and paddleboardingThe water is an ideal 25-30°so there is no need for wetsuits.

Al Wahbah Crater 

Inland from the west coast are vast volcano fields. Dormant harrats (lava fields) date back 10 million years and cover almost 70,000 square miles of the Kingdom. There are more than a thousand volcanoes, but none have erupted for 750 years. 

Visit the Al Wahbah Crater in the lava fields of Harrat Kishb

On, Harrat Kishb, you will find the Al Wahbah Crater. What looks like a significant impact from a meteor was caused by a subterranean volcanic eruption. Measuring 1.2 miles in diameter and 250m deep, the Al Wahbah crater is a natural wonder of Makkah province. You can walk around the rim in three or four hours or spend an hour trekking down to the crater bottom (and a little longer on the way back up, without the assistance of gravity). 

Empty Quarter desert 

An ocean of sand dunes awaits you at Rab Al Khali, the largest area of continuous sand on Earth with 250m high waves of golden dunes rolling into the distancescored with sandy wavelets. It stretches from Saudi into neighboring UAE, Oman, and Yemen, covering an area the size of Spain and Greece combined. The Empty Quarters harsh vastness and ever-changing beauty offer a unique experience.  

Walk the sand dunes of the Empty Quarter desert 

Explore archaeological sites

Visit the Palm Garden Open Air Museum 

Many of Saudi Arabias archaeological sites have long been off-limits due to restricted access, local superstition, and an absence of tourism. Now for the first time, visitors can easily access thousands of years of history. 


The great sandstone outcrops rising out of the desert are impressive enough, but what makes Hegra a must-see attraction are the 100 ornate tombs carved by hand into these rocks. Abandoned since pre-Islamic times, Hegra was the Kingdoms first UNESCO world heritage site. The tallest facade is the 22m Tomb of Lihyan. The tombs date back 2,000 years and some still have cave paintings within them. 

Visit the 110 monumental tombs carved from rock formations 


Northwest of Riyadh and founded in the 15th century, Diriyah was the first capital of the Saudi Dynasty. At its heart lies the citadel of at-Turaif, a remarkable example of Najdi architecture. Surrounding it are mud-brick structures, labyrinthine alleyways and imposing walls offering visitors a glimpse into the Kingdom’s origins. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the meticulously restored at-Turaif district highlights the essence of Arabian tradition. 

Visit and explore the Salwa Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Al Ula 

The Al Ula area embraces Hegra and surrounding sites such as Elephant Rock. One of the most intriguing sites in the valleyAl Ula12th century walled town is a patchwork of stone and mudbrick buildings, many with inscriptions on the walls. It is a step back in time as you thread your way through weaving lanes, passageways, and alleys, exploring houses and town squares and local markets. 

Admire the intricate details of the mud huts in the Al Ula old town 

Local delicacies

Treat your tastebuds to the traditional Bahraini breakfast 

Saudi Arabian cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of flavours that reflects the Kingdom's rich cultural heritage and varied influences. Rooted in historic Bedouin and Arab traditions, it combines aromatic spices, fragrant rice, tender meats, and vegetables. 


The traditional dish of Kabsa is an aromatic one-pot blend of rice and either chicken, lamb, or goat, spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and cloves and served with almonds and raisins. The rice is cooked together with the meat and spices to absorb all the juices and flavoursKabsa is presented at family or social gatherings in a large communal dish. 

Experience the bold flavours of cinnamon, saffron and clove


Tharid is a hearty dish of slow-cooked chicken or lamb with carrots, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, all ladled into a flatbread-lined bowl. The bread thickens the broth and absorbs its flavour. Like stews the world over, it is a warming soul food. Tharid is a popular evening meal during Ramadan and was favourite dish of the Prophet Muhammad.  

Indulge in the warmth and aromas of Saudi soul food


Harees is a celebratory meal for festivals and family occasions. A mix of barley, wheat, chicken, and spices like cinnamon, cardamon and black pepper create a deliciously rich and creamy dish. It is often served as a satisfying breakfast during Ramadan or just enjoyed as comfort food. 

Discover the creamy richness of a traditional celebratory meal

Saudi Arabia port recommendations

Port of Jeddah

Saudi Arabian ports offer yachting visitors an exclusive gateway into to the Kingdom. Each port has a different feel to the next. Jeddah, with its modern facilities, is the hub of the Red Sea. Dammam Port invites exploration of the Persian Gulf's eastern charms while Jizan provides a glimpse of the south's lush landscapes. Yanbu, another Red Sea port, offers a harmonious blend of history and natural beauty. 

Jeddah Port 

For more than 1,400 years Jeddah has been Saudis major Red Sea port, and it now plays host to international sailing events and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. North of the city, the waterfront has been developed to include a street racing circuit within the Jeddah Corniche, a coastal resort with areas to relax, shop, dine, run, cycle or swim. There are parks, promenades, and beaches, all with stunning sea views.  

Visit the Makkah Gate in the Old City of Jeddah

In the heart of the old town, you can meander through the streets and souks to Al Balad, the historic gate to Makkah, another UNESCO world heritage site. Jeddah is the main port for Mecca, where Muslim pilgrims arrive from all around the world. This gives it a multicultural feel, reinforced by Its vibrant art scenecultural exhibitionsgalleries, and museums. 

Dammam Port 

On the Persian Gulf near Bahrain, Dammam Port is the Kingdoms eastern gateway. Its lively ambience and proximity to the cities of DammamDhahran and Al Khobar make it a compelling destination. Damman city centre has souks and shopping areas like the Love Market, bustling restaurants, and museums 

Explore Dammam's Morjan island public park

To the souththe King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is a huge, impressive building with a shape modelled on rounded oil-bearing rocks, it contains a museum, art gallery, library and auditorium for concerts and opera. Further south by yacht is Half Moon Bay, a diving, and watersports destination. 

Jizan Port 

Near the south end of the Red Sea coastJizan gives access to a vast variety of landscapes from sandy beaches to rugged mountains and from arid desert to lush oases. It is a good place to try southern Arabian cuisine and immerse yourself in cultural festivals and markets. A few hours’ sailing from there, the Farasan Islands are a marine sanctuaryhome to an abundance of colourful creatures. This region's historic sites from the Ottoman period offer insights into Saudis past. 

Admire the beautiful picturesque landscapes of the Farasan Islands mangrove forest


Two days’ cruise along the coast from Jeddah with a choice of island anchorages on the way, you will arrive at the historic port of Yanbu. At the harbours edge is Al Sur, the historic district, lined with waterside restaurants and social seating areas overlooking the sea.

Visit and explore the beauties of Yanbu's historical region 

A few steps away are the 500-year-old narrow passageways of Souq Al Lail. Further into the city there are street markets and malls. Some parts of Yanbu date back more than 2,500 years and the details of its architecture tell a fascinating storyThe waters around Yanbu are yet another excellent scuba diving area.  

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Chartering a yacht in Saudi Arabia opens doors to unforgettable experiences. From the allure of the Red Sea to ancient archaeological sites and local cuisine, Saudi offers a journey that interweaves luxury with discovery. Speak to our team of expert charter brokers today to embark on an extraordinary adventure through the sands of time. The warm, uncrowded waters of Saudi Arabia await you. 

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