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Published 31 January 2024

Chartering a superyacht is one of the finest luxuries. To immerse yourself in this optimum lifestyle for a week or two on a multi-million-dollar vessel is a very special experience. Burgess Charter knows that there is no other vacation like it and design each charter in detail to ensure that it is uniquely tailored to your charter party’s wish list.

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We tap into the collective knowledge of Charter Brokers Lotte, Johnny and Bianca to understand how they work behind the scenes to ensure that each client gets the best possible experience and end-to-end service.

What makes a Burgess yacht charter special?

‘I think it is in the personal details. We ensure that we know our clients so well, and then we pass the baton to the yacht and crew. Last summer I booked a family to charter in Norway onboard SEA EAGLE. When the yacht was out in the North Sea, racing along at 15-18 knots, Captain Mike got the whole family – grown-ups and children – up into the crows nest. They were flying past the islands and coastline with a stunning view. It was such an extraordinary experience for them – that is just what yachting should be like.’ Johnny

‘We are there to ensure that each charter is seamless, and this gives our clients confidence. They know that we look after them from the beginning to the end, always ensuring that they have most amazing experience. The proof is that our clients come back and charter with us multiple times a year.’ Bianca

What can a client expect when they call you?

‘Charter clients will find the best outcomes when booking directly with us. Burgess yacht owners prefer to have their charters booked in-house - it gives the owner certainty that their yacht is in safe hands and that we are overseeing every detail.’ Johnny

‘Working directly with us in-house gives charter clients an upper hand because we get to know them and their guests intimately. This means we can talk to the yacht’s charter manager in real detail when we are negotiating the terms of the charter.’ Bianca

We take care of the details - so you can focus on your vacation 
We take care of the details - so you can focus on your vacation 

Do clients get exclusive access to yachts?

‘Burgess has a fleet of 110 yachts and we know which yachts are joining our fleet - and which of our clients would love to charter them. Ultimately clients who book through us have access to the best yachts on the best dates.’ Lotte

‘There's a huge advantage working with Burgess brokers because often we have the visibility of yachts joining our fleet before they hit the general markets.’ Bianca

Which destinations do you recommend?

‘I enjoy it when a client comes to us for inspiration. We can talk through the sort of experiences they hope for, and we can use that brief as a good starting point to match the yacht and cruising ground to their wish list.

‘We have such a vast database of information, we've got itineraries from everywhere around the world. We can go through each location and each type of yacht as well, and then the client can make their own decision on what they want to do.’ Lotte

‘With the large fleet of yachts we have cruising worldwide, we have a steady stream of information from captains and crew about the new places that have opened, or where there might be a new regulation on watersports. We can act quickly on this information to direct our charterers to the best destinations.’ Johnny

Discover your destination with our detailed itineraries
Discover your destination with our detailed itineraries

Can a charter client tap into your insider knowledge?

‘If you calculate the years of experience that we bring to the table, often from working on yachts ourselves, the collective level of expertise is essential to ensuring that your charter runs smoothly. We’re here to support you every step of the way - you'll be happy that you're working with a Burgess broker.’ Bianca

‘The fact that Burgess Charter operates as a team means that we all benefit from each other's success and help each other out – internal communication is the key.’ Lotte

Do you have any trend predictions for 2024?

‘Everyone loves a chase tender! It's bigger than a normal tender and comes with your yacht for day excursions, really exploring islands, watersports… People want to be active, to be playing with the toys.

‘Wellness is a big thing. I am asked for good gym equipment, fitness instructors, particular foods. There is an emphasis on a healthier lifestyle.’ Lotte

‘Part of that is about coming down to the water level and being in touch with the sea. The gym is there in the beach club, next to the water.' Bianca

Keeping it in the family…

‘The son of one of my long-term charter clients chartered for the first time recently. He wanted to take his girlfriend and friends, get away and have a lot of fun with the watertoys and going out on shore. He grew up with Burgess, and this is how the relationship is being passed down the generations.’ Bianca

‘A young couple just chartered a beautiful 60+m yacht for their honeymoon. It was a very luxurious, sophisticated charter – which was exactly what they wanted.’ Lotte

Time together on the water is the best legacy 
Time together on the water is the best legacy 

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‘We enjoy this work - we think it's fun and we hope that extends to our clients as well.’ Bianca

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To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore or all other locations.

- Yachts, prices and availability are correct at the time of publication.


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