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Discover your luxury yachting holiday with Burgess

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Sail to the destinations that you dream of – our yachts will take you there. The glamourous French Riviera or the mind-blowing Galapagos Islands… Where will you go onboard your yachting holiday?

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An expedition yacht charter would not be complete without the latest water toys – from subs to e-foils. Your yacht will have plenty for you to try – plus trained crew to show you how. It’s time to dive into the big blue!

B Cultural

On an explorer yacht holiday you can wake up somewhere new every day, so take the time to step into the local scene and explore the sights and flavours… Do it all!


Time spent at sea is proven to boost your health and mental wellbeing, thanks to fresh salt air, deeper sleep and the calming blue. Add an on-board spa and time with loved friends to your yacht experience… heaven!


Yacht charter holidays don’t have to be lazy days – the yacht has a gym and PT so work on your personal bests. Then try the watersports – the fun way to stay fit when the whole ocean is your playground.


Take your luxury yacht experience to the next level with a trip to the Monaco Grand prix or Cannes Film Festival. You’ll be treated to the most glamourous seats in the house – and an after party to beat them all.


When you rent - or 'charter' - a yacht, we make it all happen for you. From picking out your perfect yacht to serving up your favourite foods - we’ve got you…


We love our oceans and work actively to protect them. When you book a yachting holiday with Burgess, you step up to take ocean conservation seriously. Standing together we can and will make a difference.


Discover a yachting holiday for all of this and so much more. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll make everything happen for you.

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