Family fun in the Med - hiking & biking.

Published 16 February 2021

A yachting holiday is not just about the sea – there are lots of other pursuits that can be enjoyed with the same exclusive approach. Burgess has a network of trusted partners in the Mediterranean that can lead you ashore to discover the sights on foot or by bike and immerse yourself in activities together to suit all ages.

Yachting is a passion. The range of experiences it delivers is unsurpassed, from fine dining to first-rate service, workouts, wellness and watersports to providing the perfect private setting to relax as you cruise along the coast or enjoy an open air movie under the stars. It’s also very much about celebrating time together as a family, escaping the everyday routine, and discovering new sights and scenery every day.

You also get to explore your other passions. Whether it's antiquities, architecture, wildlife, a landscape to paint, food and wine, literary tours or one of a dozen other pursuits, Burgess works with select shoreside experts like Butterfield & Robinson to create bespoke tours, on foot or by bike, that allow you to indulge those passions together with your friends and family. 

To give you a better idea of what you can enjoy as you cruise from one inspiring destination to another, these are just a few examples of the fun you can have by combining your interests.


Corsica - Bonifacio

Your guided hike stretches along the striking southern coast, traversing beneath spectacular white limestone cliffs leading to Bonifacio’s citadel. Approaching Bonifacio by sea then entering its historic centre on foot offers two intriguing perspectives as you seemingly drop back in time given Bonfacio’s intact stone fortified walls and enchanting cobblestone lanes.

Settling in at one of the old town’s cafés for an aperitif you’ll be introduced to a Corsican native eager to share tales of Corsica’s rich history over a traditional game of pétanque.

Cycle away from the port with Bonifacio’s cliffs as your backdrop, and become immersed in the nearby rolling countryside on a route leading to a local farm awaiting your arrival and a cheese tasting featuring the efforts of its resident sheep and goats. Your ride loops back to the port where a local legend, crafting meals featuring seasonal products, has prepared lunch.

Sardinia - La Maddalena

Cruise to the island of Caprera, the second largest island in the Maddalena archipelago, and hop onto two wheels for a bike ride across a bridge linking to La Maddalena. The undulating route circumnavigates La Maddalena meandering past beautiful sandy coves and remarkable granite formations carved over centuries by the elements; and a seascape that reveals a majestic patchwork of blue, emerald, and green.

The ride is truly stunning and gives a clear sense of the island's dimensions as well as being peppered with opportunities to take advantage of a cooling dip should you be inspired.

Sardinia – Island of Spargi

Cruise to one of the most stunning bays in North Sardinia where you’ll meet Andrea — the only resident of the island of Spargi who will lead you on a scenic hike. The path on the island crosses lightly perfumed Mediterranean flora and past a 20th century Zanotto Fortress — a military fortification armed by the Navy during World War II. 

The views are breath-taking and Andrea’s passion for this unique island, truly engaging.

Sardinia – Gallura region

Your cycling route leads along the base of the Limbara massif, the solitary granite mountain at the centre of the Gallura region. Commencing from the charming artisan town of San Pantaleo, you’ll pedal across a pristine countryside to visit the inland villages of Luogosanto and Bassacutena.

En route your guide (a proud Sardinian resident) will take you to the impressive Tombe dei Giganti (Giants’ Tombs), Sardinian megalithic graves built during the Bronze Age by the Nuragic civilization. Mid-day a stop into a local farm for lunch featuring seasonal Gallurian recipes and a glass of locally produced verdicchio wine.

Dodecanese adventures


After a 90-minute cruise from Mykonos to Naxos harbour, saddle up and cycle past fields and craggy hills to the ancient temple of Demeter, Hellenic Goddess of agriculture, at the island's heart. On your ride back, stop in the cobbled village of Chalki for a simple, delicious lunch of fresh grilled fish and local Assyrtiko wine at a local taverna and visit our friend Manolis, who practices the ancient Naxian method of pottery making in his rustic workshop. Back on board, head for the island of Donousa, east of Naxos, to swim, relax and refresh before dinner overlooking the harbour lights. 


Here in Patmos St. John the Apostle received his fateful vision in an ascetic’s cave and subsequently wrote the Book of Revelation. This morning you will meet a very special friend of ours, the local writer Antonis Dimas, author of My Own Unknown Patmos. No person can better explain the hidden secrets and stories of this island. Together you’ll hike the pilgrimage route of the Apostle and visit various sites that highlight the island’s unique history.


This large island offers the longest ride of the trip. From Vathy port, pass through a surprisingly green valley, traverse a low mountain pass then descend to the island's west coast to Pothia. After a seaside taverna lunch, explore a town famous for its sponge divers, several of whom still practice their traditional way of diving. Your yacht will meet you in Pothia and continue to the volcanic island of Nisyros for the evening. Explore the fumaroles and bubbling cauldrons of mud before watching the sunset from the edge of the crater.


Considered to be the most beautiful of the Dodecanese islands, it’s best known for its beaches, colourful neoclassical houses and idyllic harbours. The 18th-century Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis is an important Greek Orthodox pilgrimage destination. Your short but exhilarating ride traverses the island from Symi town to Panormites. Meet your yacht there and anchor in one of the most beautiful harbours in Greece for the night.

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