When we build together. We build better.

Why do I need the Burgess New Build team?

The New Build team draws on our 360-degree expertise to combine the commercial experience of our Brokerage team, the build knowledge of our Technical Services team and the operational expertise of our Management team. Our commercial assistance means you pay the right price, our technical assistance means you get what you expect or better, and our management assistance means your yacht is easier to operate and maintain, and therefore more reliable. Let’s enjoy the process, together.

The fundamentals of superyacht new build

Introducing a series of videos by our New Build team

The trailer

A journey into the process of building a better yacht


Chapter 1 - Why build a superyacht?

What makes an owner decide to build rather than buy a yacht?


Chapter 2 - Choosing the right team

Understanding the owner drives the selection of designer and shipyard


Chapter 3 - Pre-contract development and negotiation

The success of any new-build project is defined by this critical phase


Chapter 4 - Engineering, design and approval

This phase is all about detail, removing any ambiguity from the project


Chapter 5 - Construction and quality management

Steel is cut, the keel is laid and concept becomes reality


Chapter 6 - Commissioning, delivery and support

Systems are tested, the crew learn their roles, and a new journey begins


New Build

Discover the Burgess difference

Not all yachts are created equal. With our independent, objective oversight and expert advice in the commercial, technical and operational fields, you can be certain that every detail has been scrutinised and that you get the best possible value for money.

Independent, trusted advice based on decades of experience

Since 1999, we have project managed the build of over 50 yachts between 30-180m (100-590ft), many of which won awards. Full-or semi-custom, each presented a unique set of challenges for us to solve on the owner’s behalf. All of that knowledge and experience is yours when you build with us.

Unrivalled knowledge of yard quality and new-build options

We have built yachts at over 20 shipyards around the world and we have excellent working relationships with them all. Helping you select the right shipyard for you and your new-build project depends on your budget, timelines and attitude to risk. With our help and guidance, you will make the right choice.

In-house New Build team adds value at every stage

Semi-custom yachts are built to a standard specification. Where we add value like no one else can is in scrutinising, optimising and elevating that specification so that your yacht bears the world-renowned stamp of Burgess quality. If you know the right questions to ask, you get the right answers.

Delivered yachts

We successfully deliver more yachts in the 30-180m (100-590ft) market than any other new construction team in the world.

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