The Bahamas - INCOGNITO 50m captain interview.

Published 15 June 2020

Captain Chris Wallace talks to us about cruising The Bahamas in the 49.9m (163.7ft) yacht INCOGNITO

Captain Incognito

How long have you been a captain? 
I've been a captain on yachts over 100ft since 2003.

What inspired you to become a Captain?
I started on big yachts as an engineer and learned what it’s like to work with bad captains. One of the yacht owners asked me to take the role as captain, as I was experienced and qualified, and I’ve never looked back.

Why did you choose to work on INCOGNITO?
INCOGNITO chose me. I worked for the owner on her previous yacht and worked on the build of the INCOGNITO in Italy.

Captain Incognito

What makes INCOGNITO a great Bahamas charter yacht?
She is really fast, with a shallow draft and lots of beautiful outdoor space to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

What is your personal favourite feature or area of the yacht and why?
All the exterior space.

How much experience do you have cruising The Bahamas?
I've been exploring these islands for 15 years now.

Captain Incognito

What is your favourite activity to create for guests on board INCOGNITO in the Bahamas?
Tucking into anchorages off the beaten path that most yachts of this size couldn’t, then finding that secluded beach and setting up a beautiful beach day/evening.

What is your personal favourite spot in the Bahamas and why?
Exuma Land and Sea Park or Stocking Island. I would also consider the southern tip of the Tongue of the Ocean, the Abacos and Rose Island in the top five.

One piece of advice for what to pack for a Bahamas charter?
Bring your island attitude and lots of beach wear.

Captain Incognito

What advice would you give to a first-time charterer?
Don’t try to move to a different spot every day. To enjoy the areas sometimes you need more time at each spot. Also be flexible, weather can change plans and you might want to stay somewhere longer or skip an area.

What do you hope to bring to the INCOGNITO (49.9m) experience?
My ability to tuck INCOGNITO into incredibly quiet secluded beaches.

Do you have any special traditions on board?
Not really a tradition but we crew have been working together for a long time and thus are more like family. This comes across with our attitude and the way we love what we do and love INCOGNITO, which is of course our home.

Captain Incognito

What, in your opinion, makes INCOGNITO's crew so unique?
Probably a combination of our sense of humour, while remaining professional at all times, and family togetherness.

One line on something that nobody knows about the Bahamas?
It is thought that the many blue holes around the islands are interconnected.

One line on something that nobody knows about INCOGNITO?
Although she has four engines and can get to 38 knots, if we bring her down to 10 knots, she will be as efficient as many displacement yachts.

The 49.9m INCOGNITO will be cruising The Bahamas all year. Please contact your broker to find out more about this island hopping speedster.

Interview: June 2020

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