Captain Rick DuBois on TITANIA.

Published 05 November 2020

From cruising through the remote waters of the Baltic Sea to the popular cruising grounds of the western Mediterranean, Captain Rick DuBois is a passionate charter captain with years of experience. Here, he tells us about the magnificent 73m Lurssen TITANIA and what makes her such a great charter yacht

Captain Rick DuBois of TITANIA
Captain Rick DuBois of TITANIA

Where are you now (October 2020)? 

We are in Marseille, France, nearing the end of a short shipyard period and are busy preparing TITANIA for the Caribbean season ahead.

What is going on in the Caribbean right now?

A number of islands are starting to open for the winter season and welcoming yachts to their shores, which is very encouraging news. We are currently focussing on itineraries in the Leeward Islands and Grenadines, where the popular French islands of St Barth, Martinique and Guadeloupe are all looking favourable for the season ahead.

How did you first get into yachting?

In 2005 I came to Europe from Australia to pursue a professional surf career, but instead of riding waves I found myself working on board yachts, using my carpentry skills and teaching watersports. I got hooked and am still here 15 years later!   

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

I don’t think you could ask for a better job really. Being paid to be on the water, everyday, what’s not to love? I wake up and open the door to the ocean, it’s fantastic. The worst part of my job is dealing with the weather – no one likes bad weather so you have to be incredibly on the ball to navigate your way around it where possible!

You have worked on a number of high profile mega yachts. How does TITANIA differ? What do you believe makes her stand out from the crowd?

TITANIA's crew is a professional, intuitive, eager to please and happy team
TITANIA's crew is a professional, intuitive, eager to please and happy team

TITANIA has been designed to make her as charter friendly as possible, offering something for everyone. Aside from her fantastic amenities and facilities, TITANIA’s charter success is down to the crew. Every crew member is carefully selected for their high level of professionalism and enthusiasm to consistently deliver an exceptional quality service to our guests, which might be why we have so many wonderful repeat clients coming back each year. TITANIA has been operating as a charter yacht for a number of years and so the service elements are well developed and established. That said, we are always looking to improve and expand our offerings and skillset.

Pool deck paradise

Relaxed sundowners or sophisticated cocktails

Fully equipped bar

BBQ for that chef's table experience

The theatre of cuisine

A fabulous place to start the day

Open air dining

Or spend a relaxing afternoon

Sit up bar in the heated pool

A great place to celebrate life too

For intimate moments and famous festivities

What is your favourite amenity on board TITANIA?

Feel the burn in a gym with a view
Feel the burn in a gym with a view

The fully equipped air conditioned gym with its panoramic views, you don’t get many gyms with views to compete, that is for sure!

What is your favourite activity on board TITANIA? 

While I don’t have much time for watertoys these days I can still appreciate TITANIA’s toybox. We carry just about every watertoy you can think of, and we are constantly adding to the list. Watersports by far is the best activity!

What is your favourite feature on board TITANIA?

There's no feeling a sauna can't make even better
There's no feeling a sauna can't make even better

Probably the sauna in the beach club, you can spend a few hours using watersports, in the gym, or doing whatever high paced activity takes your fancy, and then really wind down there.

What essential item would you recommend every guest takes on charter? 

Seriously, all guests need to bring is a passport. TITANIA has everything any guest could need on board and if we don’t have it, we can always get it.

What two recommendations would you suggest to enjoy a charter on board TITANIA to the full? 

  1. Try something (activity or experience) you wouldn’t normally try on any other holiday.

  2. Forget the busy world you left behind for the time you are on board… you deserve to take this time for yourself.

What is your favourite cruising ground?  

I don’t have one particular favourite spot or area, but I do love clear, warm turquoise water, clean beaches and balmy temperatures.

TITANIA is available in the Caribbean this winter. How much experience do you have cruising in the Caribbean and do you have a preferred itinerary/archipelago? 

I have spent many years cruising different islands in the Caribbean, and I can’t say that I have a preferred itinerary. For any charter, I put together a personalised itinerary based on the charterer’s preferences.

What is your favourite Caribbean island? What three things would you recommend doing there? 

A pirate treasure hunt ends on a deserted beach with a BBQ
A pirate treasure hunt ends on a deserted beach with a BBQ

Guadeloupe would have to be one of my favourite Caribbean islands. It has the French vibe, good surfing conditions, great diving and you can BBQ on the beach like a local.

What is your favourite activity while in the Caribbean? 

I have three favourite activities -  surfing, wind surfing and diving, but not all islands have surf, so we use our electric Jetsurf, and I am looking forward to getting out the new wing kite when there is some wind.

What makes TITANIA’s crew stand out?

Enjoy massage, beauty treatments and hair styling in the spa
Enjoy massage, beauty treatments and hair styling in the spa

As mentioned previously, the crew on TITANIA really are seasoned professionals. We can organise a range of activities and experiences tailored to the guests we have on board and what they feel like doing on any given day. In addition to the best service and friendly and welcoming crew, we have two massage therapists, a personal trainer, beautician and hair stylist within the crew who are all happy to provide their services.

What do you think will surprise/please the charter guests the most about TITANIA? 

On TITANIA, we have all bases covered. There is nothing we don’t have or cannot make happen.

Special occasion? Let the crew create a modern fairytale for you
Special occasion? Let the crew create a modern fairytale for you

What measures do you have in place to reassure guests that TITANIA is a safe place in light of COVID?

We have all the available information with the latest news regarding safety. TITANIA’s crew are regularly tested and we will continue with testing as long as we deem necessary.  

How do you foresee the Caribbean winter season going with regards to COVID and access to the islands? 

The only thing I see as any sort of challenge is receiving our guests in a safe manner. We will be looking for the safest way for them to arrive and how we can transfer them from the airport to TITANIA with minimal outside contact. Cruising will be dependent on which islands are welcoming superyachts and guests, however, once the guests are on board I do not foresee any problems. TITANIA has everything on board – all the toys you can imagine, fantastic chefs, and we always ensure that we are in the best spot we can be. Once on board, it will be business as usual.

Where next for TITANIA? 

We are making some new additions to TITANIA in our very short shipyard period, then we will be crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean, with our first stop in Antigua, all things going well.

Finally, what do you enjoy most about being TITANIA’s captain?

Seared local scallops and prawn ceviche - the chef is a genius
Seared local scallops and prawn ceviche - the chef is a genius

Professionals. I like working with professionals and leading a team at the top of their game. Teamwork is what makes TITANIA one of the best charter yachts in the industry.

Interview: November 2020

Experience the wonder and delight that this magical yacht can bring to your day, every day
Experience the wonder and delight that this magical yacht can bring to your day, every day

Where to cruise on TITANIA

To celebrate this special season in magical family style, TITANIA is available for unforgettable Christmas charters in St Maarten.

She'll be available for Caribbean charters until spring, around early April. Then she'll head for the West Mediterranean where she will be available for charter in France, Italy and Spain from late May onwards.

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