Superyachts embrace electric toys.

Published 18 November 2020

The green wave

With everyone quite rightly becoming more environmentally aware, it has never been more on trend to get your thrills in as ecofriendly a way as possible. The entire yachting industry is gradually moving in a greener direction, and ecotoys are now an integral part of the charter experience. Combining old fashioned thrills with ecofriendly credentials, Burgess takes a look both at the entirely new creations and also the ecovariations of the tried and tested watertoys that no bona fide superyacht toybox should be without.

Electric surfboard

The latest must-have accessory to carry on board is an electric surfboard. No more sitting around waiting to catch a wave, now you can propel yourself anywhere, anytime, right off the back of your yacht. Built around an electric jetpack and controlled by a handheld remote, the silent G3 surfboard from Radinn has been making waves with its high top speed, long range, and blistering acceleration. And with adaptable skill and power levels, it also promises ecofriendly fun for all the family.

Ecofriendly Watertoys
Ecofriendly Watertoys

Electric hydrofoil


With zero emissions and almost no noise pollution, the electric hydrofoil watercraft is the perfect toy to use in protected zones where motorised fossil fuel devices are forbidden. Reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour (21 knots), Quadrofoil’s Q2 range is the perfect toy for any adrenaline junkies within your charter party.



The newest member of the SeaBob family, the high performance SeaBob F5SR is emission free for zero impact on the environment. Propelled by a pollution-free electric stream power system, guests can ride on the surface and underwater at speeds of up to 14mph. The latest model has seven gears, two integrated cameras and a sporty fin to increase maneuverability underwater. 

Hydrofoil e-bike

Hydrofoil e-bike

A great way for guests to explore shallow and protected bays, the Manta 5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 is the world’s first foiling water-bike. Based on the same technology as America’s Cup yachts, the hydrofoil e-bike planes across the water’s surface on hydrofoils. Working like wings, they push the bike up out of the water so that it skims over the surface with ease. With a top speed of around 13 miles per hour (12 knots), the faster you pedal, the faster you’ll go. Use it simply to keep fit or to explore coastlines from the perfect vantage point.



Embrace your inner explorer with the latest sub from the U-Boat Worx fleet. NEMO has been designed specifically for superyachts and, at just 155cm high, NEMO can fit into most superyacht tender garages, taking up the same space as a couple of jetskis. Completely non-polluting, NEMO allows one pilot and one passenger to dive to depths of up to 100m, (330ft) for up to eight hours, giving guests a better understanding of the world below the waterline in a sustainable and luxurious manner.


With toys ranging from the BigAir Blob to floating islands, sea pools, water jousts, slides, climbing walls and entire water parks, FunAir inflatables are among the most popular toys for superyacht guests. Release your inner child and embrace the sheer joy of messing about on the water.

High flying fun...

Please fasten your seatbelts

...with FunAir's Blob



Golf lovers can tee off with the latest range of biodegradable EcoBioBalls from Albus Golf, and floating greens from FunAir. The golf balls are filled with fish food, so you can practice your swing while feeding marine life. It doesn’t get much greener than that.

Fish food fore!

EcoBioBalls by Albus Golf

Float it onto the green

Floating green by FunAir

SUPs and sailing dinghies

SUPs and sailing dinghies

Of course, inflatable SUPS are regarded as a must have accessory for any bonafide toybox and, powered by your own energy, are perfect for exploring the nooks and crannies of the coastline at your own leisurely speed while stengthening your core. Alternatively, inflatable sailing dinghies, like the new Tiwal 3, also offer a great way for guests to enjoy the freedom of sailing by learning the basics of yachting, raising the sails and learning the ropes while on charter. You may even discover a lifelong passion.

Electric folding bicycles

Electric folding bicycles

And finally, for guests looking to explore ashore, folding bikes provide an ideal mode of ecofriendly transport. Designed by former McClaren engineer Richard Thorpe and easy to store on board, GoCycle is the industry leader in lightweight, easy to handle, adjustable bikes. Its popular electric GXi model allows you to explore the coastline and climb hills even in the heat of the summer without breaking sweat.

Whether your preference is for a burst of speed or to learn a new skill, the ever-inventive inventory of ecofriendly superyacht toys will not disappoint.

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