Gabriela Szmigielski
Crew Recruitment Manager
  • Languages English, Polish
  • Location London

Gabi grew up in London, but her adventurous spirit led her to embark on a ski season adventure in the South of France in her early 20s. France's charm captivated her, prompting a desire to extend her stay beyond the ski season. As a result, she secured her first Stewardess position, on board TALITHA, which opened the door to a world of travel.

Her maritime career took her all over the globe, including the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, South Pacific and across Europe. Gabi's role as Chief Stewardess on superyachts, both charter and private, marked the commencement of a long and exciting career in the yachting industry.

However, her yachting journey reached its final port on SECRET, as she decided to step away and start a family. Despite leaving her full-time role on yachts, her passion for the industry persisted. Gabi dedicated several years to yacht recruitment, using her expertise to help others find their place in the world of yachts.

Gabi has now assumed the role of Crew Recruitment Manager at Burgess, further cementing her connection to this thrilling and dynamic industry.

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