For four generations and since 1875, German shipyard Lürssen has been cultivating the most refined skills and advanced technologies to create truly outstanding vessels. When the company founder Friedrich Lürssen said, 'Leading in quality and performance, that should be my company’s reputation,' he was expressing the values the shipbuilding family of Lürssen upholds to this day.

From then to now, around 13,000 vessels have left Lürssen's docks, each one a true original and a magnificent specimen of its type. These include the world's first boat propelled by an internal combustion engine (1.5hp), launched in 1886, and the world's largest motor yacht at 180m, powered by 94,000hp.

The yachts developed by Lürssen hand in hand with clients, the world’s finest yacht designers and technical advisors span the full spectrum – graceful, bold, poetic, imposing, classic, innovative. Yet as diverse as these individual projects are, they all share one quality: they are shaped by the Lürssen family’s deep knowledge of - and commitment to - custom yacht building.

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