Burgess brings eco touch to Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Published 05 September 2023

Burgess has enjoyed a stable presence at the Monaco Yacht Show since its inception – each year building on the last. The 2023 edition will set the standard for the future of yachting, as Burgess’ focus turns to its ESG message.

Blue Marine Foundation

Blue Marine Foundation brings its 'The Sea we Breathe' immersive experience to our stand

This year Burgess, the world’s leading full-service superyacht company, has invited Blue Marine Foundation on to its stand to deliver the message that the ocean is one of our most powerful natural mitigators against climate change. This message is delivered through the immersive digital experience The Sea we Breathe narrated by Stephen Fry.

The interactive journey allows users to discover the many benefits that our oceans offer and what makes our oceans thrive. Dive into a bountiful playground of marine life and explore underwater rainforests using the beautifully illustrated, immersive experience.

Blue Marine’s team will be in attendance to answer any questions and offer advice on how we can all play our part in protecting our ocean.

‘We are delighted to be showcasing The Sea We Breathe  at this year’s Burgess stand. This collaboration will bring critical ocean-climate messages to the forefront, motivating more of the yachting community to join us in our goal of protecting 30 percent of the ocean by 2030. The Sea We Breathe, along with other works of the Blue Marine education unit, hopes to inspire ocean advocates of all generations and backgrounds,’ says Anna Hughes, Senior Education and Outreach Officer, Blue Marine Foundation.

Ethereal Blooms

These bio-preserved blooms are six months old

Ethereal Blooms is a luxury florist, specialising in real, bio-preserved flower arrangements and bouquets that bloom for up to 12 months. All flowers are 100 percent real, and never artificial or freeze dried. Burgess will be using Ethereal Blooms to decorate the stand after which they will be taken back to the Monaco office for the team to enjoy for the next year. A select number of the Burgess yachts on display will also be showcasing the arrangements.

‘Each day over USD 20,000,000 of cut flowers are airfreighted all over the world, stored in temperature-controlled facilities and transported in refrigerated trucks only to die within 7-10 days. Due to their short lifespan and extensive cold-chain journey from field to vase, the environmental cost of buying a single fresh floral bouquet is estimated at 32.35 kg of CO2 emissions per bouquet.

‘Using the latest technology in floricultural biochemistry, we provide a beautiful alternative to synthetic or freeze-dried flowers by making natural blooms forever lasting, fresh and keeping your carbon conscience happy,’ says Joanna Hirst, Yacht Sales at Ethereal Blooms.


Founder and CEO Henrik Fisker with one of the first Ocean models available

Burgess has selected the all-electric Fisker Ocean as our car provider for the show.

California-based Fisker Inc. is revolutionising the automotive industry by designing and developing individual mobility in alignment with nature. Passionately driven by a vision of a clean future for all, the company is on a mission to create the world's most sustainable and emotional electric vehicles. With the first product, Fisker Ocean, on the streets in European markets and the US, the company recently presented its future product portfolio vision, including the world’s first convertible four-door GT in the luxury segment.

Henrik Fisker, Founder, CEO and Chairman says ‘I think that every person and every company need to realise that the choices made now affect this planet and every generation that comes after us. Every industry that manufactures something can start by looking at how they source their materials, and every business needs to ask themselves: do they use renewable energy, like solar, wind, and hydro, to power their business? Do they try to source locally, to minimise how far they transport things? There are so many areas to improve on a daily basis if you just change your mindset – ours is: to use less, use better, and use again.’

Henrik Fisker will attend the MYS and is available for interview.

For interviews with the Burgess Blue Oceans team, Blue Marine Foundation or Henrik Fisker, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Nicci Perides
Head of PR & Communications
+44 7869 703 296

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